Wish You Weren’t Here – The Trailer; Film Coming Summer 2017

Published on Jun 3, 2017 by Ian Halperin

A shocking, explosive and most compelling film by award winning filmmaker/No.1 NY Times bestselling author Ian Halperin. Is Pink Floyd leader Roger Waters an anti-Semite? Is he the de-facto leader of BDS? Find out in this jaw dropping documentary about contemporary antisemitism combined with Waters rise to the forefront of the BDS movement, and his controversial journey attempting to get all artists to boycott Israel. Halperin, the son of a Holocaust survivor, traveled the globe for two years to get to the bottom of this incredible story, meeting up with and filming hundreds of experts from all faiths, including Ronald Lauder, Pope Francis, Haras Rafiq, Palestinian and Israeli leaders, U.S., British and French government officials, The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Alan Dershowitz and Dr. Charles Small. A riveting film that is a must view for everyone!!

7 thoughts on “Wish You Weren’t Here – The Trailer; Film Coming Summer 2017

  1. Trailer looks great and boy lots of nasty jews are sure bashing Roger Waters, this says much, he has touched many nerves. Go Roger!

      1. The TRUE Holocaust I know of was the 66+ million murdered by the Bolsheviks, Katie.

        That one isn’t made up.

  2. No movie is made, book published, TV show aired…without the Zionists’ blessing. My guess is that this film will make a truth-teller appear ugly. This is the modus operendi…just like they did to Mel Gibson, Randy Quaid, Charlie Sheen, et al. Thankfully, Mr. Waters has money and can retire luxuriously…for after this movie comes out, no jew-owned venue will rent to him for a concert.

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