Woman fired after two hours on the job at MSG: suit

New York Post – by Kathianne Boniello

A Madison Square Garden hot-dog seller claims in a lawsuit that she was fired after just two hours on the job because of alleged unpaid bills.

The 36-year-old single Brooklyn mom, identified by the initials J.D. in her Manhattan federal suit against MSG, says she was out of work for a year when she was offered a food-service supervisor’s job in October 2013 following a month long background check, according to court papers.  

She spent two hours stocking and getting a hot-dog stand ready for a night game and was learning how to use the computer when a security guard confronted her, saying there was a “red flag” in her paperwork and escorted her out of the building, she claims in court papers.

It was five months before MSG would tell her what the “red flag” was — debts in collection — claims J.D., who also says she’s unaware of such debts.

MSG said it’s “looking into the matter.”


4 thoughts on “Woman fired after two hours on the job at MSG: suit

  1. So now we’re not even allowed to get a job in order to pay our debts??? Must be more to it. If not, this is another new low for this country and the far reaching tentacles of the regime.

  2. she was weak anyway, acting like she was public rather than staff.

    i would have told the “security” to GTFO adding that “i work here” and “i only answer to my management”

    security people are usually one step from the bottom, only ranking above the cleaners.
    they have no right to touch or question staff, unless they are with a member of management.

    she was a supervisor – she had rank over the glorified doorman.

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