World War III Breaking Out

The question is continually being presented as to when World War III will begin and when the United States will join in on the bloodletting frenzy.  Technically the war has already begun and the United States is already engaged on three fronts.

Invasion into a sovereign country, contrary to popular propaganda, is an act of war; thusly the US invasion forces in Mali are engaged in war in Africa.   

On March 11, 2013, the North Korean Army declared the 1953 armistice between the north and south invalid, thus that war has become active again and now continues.  The United States, under defense treaty with South Korea, is an active participant and so we have a second front in this world war.

On October 3, 2012, Syria fires mortars into Turkey.  Turkey returns fire.  This incident was no doubt perpetrated by agents of the CIA and Mossad, but none the less, it represents an act of war.  As the United States has a mutual defense treaty with Turkey, again, the United States is at war.

On January 30, 2013, an Israeli jet crossed into Syria and dropped bombs, ending the 1967 Cease Fire after the 7 Days of Zionist Conquest.  Again, the United States has defense treaties with the Zionists and again, we are at war.

Also, do not forget the active fronts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Now consider that China has a defense treaty with North Korea, so technically the US is at war with China.  Also consider that Russia has a defense treaty with Syria so the US is also technically at war with Russia.  And the various European countries also have defense treaties with both Israel and the United States.

The only conclusion one can come out of this with is that World War III is already well under way and we are but one false flag away from an escalation into insanity as North Korea threatens to attack the US with nuclear bombs.  It would seem that we are being casually pushed into a horrific conflict that none of the peoples who are marked for death have any interest in participating in.  But hasn’t that always been the way?  Governments perpetrate the wars and the people do the fighting and dying, never knowing the true reason for their demise.

God help all of the peoples of this planet to refuse to kill one another for the pathological blood lusting Zionist monsters.

7 thoughts on “World War III Breaking Out

  1. History shows that the rich send the poor to war so there can be profits.

    Maybe it won’t be a WWIII, but maybe a world revolution now that the Internet connects everyone & people can unite. It’s time to now read this book cause it shows how revolution may come to America. (A TIME TO STAND by Oliver). I recommend it since it’s provocative.

    Cyprus is just the first country to take the life savings from it’s people to continue more taxes on the people. Stealing the people’s money is only going to cause people to take a stand. Great article cause you have shown what is really happening. Thanks.

    1. You don’t need to read any books about how revolution may come to America, because it’s already here, and since the author of the book you’re suggesting is a life-long spy, I would expect his book to be more deception in one form or another, because that’s what spies do.

  2. As for WW3 breaking out; yes, we’ve been expecting it for a long time, and are right now trying to guess the nature of the staged event that will kick it off.

  3. Dear OhioRiver. Cyprus has not taken peoples life savings…the scheming mandarins of Germany i.e. Merkel and Co’ engineered the illegal theft of personal property from citizens living and investing in Cyprus. Troika hammered out a deal after months of negotiation, only to have the thieving mandarins plot behind their backs to present a ‘fate accompli’. The banks are closed until Friday, people have no money to buy food or fuel, or cash pay cheques. Germany want to run the economy of Europe according to their rules. The government of Cyprus will never endorse this grand theft.
    I live in Cyprus,(by choice) and see the devastation Merkel has wreaked.

    1. Please keep posting from your hometown about what is going on!

      This is the only way free people of the world will be able to hold the banksters responsible for ruining countless lives and causing countless hardship all so their fiat money scams can continue with their fractional banking nightmares for all.

    2. I agree. Cyprus Wez, try to keep us informed on the situation on the ground over there if you get the chance during your difficult time. Information and intelligence is key to getting the one-up or winning any war. Good luck.

  4. The blue countries in the above map are an iteration of the “king of the South”, while the red countries are an iteration of the “king of the North” in the *fractal* Prophecies of Chapter 11, verses 40-45 in the Book of Daniel.

    There are, however, a few errors in the colors of the aligned states.

    The Zionist state of Israel, for example, is an iteration with the “king of the South”, as is Saudi Arabia and the other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.


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