Wrongfully convicted man released from prison after more than 20 years

WGN TV – by Charles Hayes and Erik Runge

CHICAGO — A man sentenced to life in prison for a fatal fire he didn’t start, is now free.

Adam Gray, 38, was just 14 years old when he was convicted of setting a fire that killed two people in 1993.   

He confessed after seven hours of police questioning without his parents or an attorney present. He said he couldn’t take it anymore, and told the detectives what they wanted to hear.

Gray said on Thursday, he was more angry during the first 10, 15 years of his sentence, and had to make peace with the idea that he would die in prison for something he didn’t do.

He’s considering asking for a Certificate of Innocence and suing the state.


8 thoughts on “Wrongfully convicted man released from prison after more than 20 years

  1. cops doing what they do best, “railroading innocent people”. now, every case those cops worked on should be reviewed and the cops fired with their police credentials removed forever

    1. Those pigs should also lose their license to breathe, i.e., they should be executed.

      I’m normally against the state-administered death penalty, since I don’t believe governments can be trusted with that power. However, I could make an exception for agents of the state who egregiously violate the rights of citizens.

      1. Restitution would go a helluva long way towards hiring someone for RETRIBUTION, however.

        Guns & ammo, as well.

        1. retribution and compensation. It will take almost 7 years to get the money they will have to pay him. Guber-mint will fight every step of the way to not pay and then be forced to pay out.

          1. Except they will take it from Loe, Joe and Jarry down the road while putting a gun to the back of their heads, now if the government officials and “officers” had to pay from their own pockets after being fired and never allowed to work for the public ever again unless it be in a chain gang…

          2. All too true, Mark.

            By that time it’ll all be said & done… one way or another.

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