19 thoughts on “WTH?

  1. I knew it! They are all space aliens and this is how they communicate with their mother ship.

    (just jokin)

  2. Donald Trump’s inner monologue: “I’m being infused with the power of Satan. It’s a really great power. Gonna use it to do a lot of really great things. Just really terrific.”
    The guy in the middle doesn’t look to sure about it.
    Guy in middle: “Wait. I’m not so sure about this. What if something goes wrong?”
    Guy on left: “Stop whining. What could possibly go wrong?”

  3. I’m fairly sure Trump said during his campaign: “I will NEVER touch The Orb, even though its mysterious glow seduces and beguiles.”

  4. And as he touched the mysterious glowing orb, Trump said, “If I join the Church of Satan, will I become rich and powerful and have sex with anyone I desire?”

  5. The bastards have, and are continuing to make our world dark and ugly. Every day more is stolen or corrupted. I have long thought we are at critical mass yet things keep getting MORE critical. Good and evil goin’ at it. One cannot be neutral. Dante’ said: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of moral conflict remain neutral.” Thank God, no neutrality at Trenches.

  6. Why do the land masses on that orb (that are supposed to be North American and Australia) look like they do?

    That’s not what the outline of the western side of the United States and Canada looks like. Where is Alaska? That outline there looks like Canada is puking or something.
    And that sure as hell isn’t what you see when you look at the outline of Australia either…

    It’s even more noticable in the picture in the link that Freedom Paluzza posted.

  7. Here we have our ‘faux’ president, with the ‘faux’ hair, who claims to be a ‘faux’ Christian, doing the only real thing I’ve seen him do-worship his true god.

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