19 thoughts on “You Will Never Have Seen A 3D Display Like This!

      1. Could be scarry in the wrong hands eh Paul. A guy sure could have fun with something like that though

  1. This messes with my logic. I don’t get how we can see it, yet it’s not solid. They’ll probably use a hologram like this for the second coming of Jesus. Now THAT will really mess with people’s logic and their dogma.
    . . .

  2. This how they will fake Jesus coming in the clouds. But it is really the Antichrist NWO system, the masses will fall for it. 🙁

  3. More proof that the technology exists and how perfected it is. You might want to keep that in mind, on the day you see a “flying saucer” land on the front lawn of the White House, Jesus coming down in flaming chariot or the next time another “plane” slices through a steel and concrete building.

      1. 3-D Holographic imaging technology is at least 25-years farther ahead then we realized… and yes, this is how they made the 3-D illusion of planes crashing into the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.

        WE already knew that the edge of a fragile passenger jet aluminum wing cannot cut through steel columns… but what we didn’t know until now, is how they made it appear to do so. The outline of the plane’s perimeter in the side of the building was made with carefully placed explosive charges which carved the hole.

        Excellent post GrinNBarrett !

        1. First thing that came to mind when I saw the title of this article, Inretrospect.

          And still, people deny the truth about those ‘planes’.

          Too much ‘programming’ (t.v.).

          1. Considering that this 3-D technology existed back in 2001, makes me wonder how much more developed it is now… but that’s probably classified.

  4. The standing-wave hologram: what we, eternal souls currently attached to short-lived finite mortal bodies, live in for this moment. Get it?

    What have you learned?

  5. I won’t see him because I won’t be watching. THis guy looks like a human reptile, go figure. Doesn’t he look like a lizard man? Some one needs to buy this guy a case of Nozema and sunblock 50. Dude, stay out of the Sun. Does malinoma mean anything to you, Mr. Pope dude? He won’t be Pope for long with that complexion.

  6. Yo, is his name really Benedict?? Catholic Popes…. does any one with half a brain ever take these jackasses serious? They are just out there to gt attention and stir up hate in the world. People really need to take control of their lives, turn off your cable and stick with your local politics, that you can change. Forget about these Bozoz’s in Rome. Hell, that might as well be on another planet as far as I’m concerned. Stop giving them facetime, thats probably what they want. Tell the ITalians to rid themselves of this filth. WE have our own idiots here in the U.S. to deal with.

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