4 thoughts on “Zimmerman Trial Skype Bombing

  1. The Zimmerman trial doesn’t matter.

    I think too many people realize this, so they’re possibly throwing a bomb plot into the script to make it more interesting. (I didn’t watch the video, and nor do I want to, so I’m guessing at the plot here)

    1. you definately didn`t miss much by not watching that video. Ya cannot understand barely a word that was being said. WTF is up with that video.

      1. That was the whole point, digger. Someone was hitting that bozo’s computer with a bunch of pop-up bombs, which eventually got so annoying, the judge made him turn off his phone. (which accomplished nothing, as the pop-ups kept showing up on the screen in the courtroom anyway).

        Actually, I found it quite hilarious. LOL

        1. Yes #1 typical isn`t it. That is Skype for ya eh. Yes #1 it is laughable isn`t it buddy. LOL 🙂

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