Zip Guns: 9mm, .22LR, 12 Gauge

suppressed_sten_mk2Resister in the Rockies – by Ironwill III

There may come a time where you’ll need to make your own small, cheap, concealable firearm.

And that’s all I’ll say on the subject.

Here’s something pretty neat. A full-auto (Assault Weapon for you hoplophobes) .22 LR machine pistol. Test fire at the end of the video.

12 Gauge single shot:

There are more videos on the interwebs if you’re so inclined.

For more ideas, pick up a copy of TM 31-210. I picked up one at my local Army Navy Surplus store for $5.

12 thoughts on “Zip Guns: 9mm, .22LR, 12 Gauge

  1. Hey All, Has nobody thought of all the new shiny toys the traitorous dogs will supply us with, Each and every dose of Just-Us(justice) when their just desserts are unleashed on them from those they have used and abused.
    As a Bowhunter,I would hope that the deadly accuracy and silent death of the modern bow has not been missed by my fellow patriots.I know it sounds crazy but another mean silent weapon is the modern slingshot,With the rollers or balls from old wheel bearings you can knock a man slap out at 20-30 ft,and always always keep your pocket knife razor sharp.

      1. Yep rhumstruck, I was going to get a crossbow about a month ago but my car left me hanging 50 miles from home and had to spend my money on car payments once again.

        1. Ouch. BTW, if you watch the 9mm zip video at the end watch the Luty submachine gun video.I’ve given you those plans and posted them here on the trenches. One thing I will say is that they have better tools than even I but they show what can be done with next to nothing. I didn’t know that video existed until I saw it a moment ago!
          This thing will empty a 30 round mag in about 5 seconds!

          1. Oh you bet rhumstruck, I have those plans on my favorites. I also plan on putting it on a flash drive for safe keeping. Yup, I do plan on putting those plans to good use this spring/summer. Thanks again for those plans rhumstruck.

    1. Oh yea Steve, I actualy do have a wrist rocket and I have used it for rabbits and squirels. I have bought some of those berring and I have shot rabbits at 40-50 ft. away and the berring went clean through the rabbits head no problem. Slingshots may sound funny but when in need they will work and they are really cheap to use and target practice with. Ha , they even have wrist rockets that can be outfitted with a special sling to shoot arrows – never tried or seen one but I did think of picking up on one.

    2. I’ve always considered the crossbow to be an excellent first strike weapon. Silent and deadly.

      Just be sure to have your rifle and shotgun close at hand. The downside of crossbows is that they take too long to reload.

  2. “… a wise general strives to feed off the enemy. — Sun Tzu

    Although initially unarmed at the start of a crisis, a long grey wig, a summer gown, gaudy sunglasses, a small dog on a leash and an ICE PICK will enable one to obtain the full and latest compliment of weaponry from one of the Empire’s ‘lesser’ sole drones. As far as stocking ammo… they’ll be providing plenty, as a bonus.

  3. My grandpa always told me that in ww2 that his ball ping hammer was his number one weapon..silent but deadly..loved his storys

    1. Agreed.

      Mine preferred the #3 Phillips screwdriver, equating it to a .30 cal, less the hydrostatic pressure. Being in possession of both would allow for a MAJOR tune-up in a conflict.

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