Denver International Airport holds some deep dark secrets

denver airportExaminer – by Caz Loth

The Denver International Airport is a strange conglomeration of anomalies and underground tunnels. One of the first sign that there’s something strange afoot a DIA is the system of grotesque murals and sculptures situated around the airport that contain images of depressing content like dead children, women carrying dead babies, the destruction of cities and forests, poisonous plants, dead animals and oppressive soldiers, all depicting scenes of negative portent with ominous tones. According to symbologists, many of these works of “art” and gargoyles are comprised of Masonic imagery and symbols of secret societies that supposedly trigger certain kinds of thoughts and emotions.

Then there’s the dedication capstone with Masonic symbols and endorsed by the New World Airport Authority, and organization that can’t be contacted and doesn’t seem to exist, but carries the moniker of the “New World,” which is very close to the New World Order, the pinnacle of world domination ideology. The stone has been placed in the part of the airport called the “Great Hall,” another Masonic reference to their meeting halls. The stone is equipped with a keypad with strange unidentifiable symbols and the words inlayed in the over budgeted marble floor in front of it; “DZIT DIT GAII.”

The Denver Airport, built in 1995 on 34,000 acres or 53 square miles, twice the size of Manhattan and designed in the shape of a swastika, does not have as many gates and runways as the old Stapleton Airport had and has incorporated more acreage than an airport could possibly use. The original estimated cost of the airport was $1.7 B, but eventually construction drove the bill up to $4.8B, almost three times the original estimate, not to mention the fact that it is located in a “high wind area” unlike the original Stapleton.

The Denver airport contains 5,300 miles of fiber optic cable, enough to stretch from New York City to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with an addition of 11,365 miles of copper communication cable. Who are they communicating with is the obvious question? And then there are the 28 miles of pipe; excessive? The floor is composed of marble shipped from all over the world to an already over budgeted project. The roof is composed of a Teflon coated material that reflects 90% of the sunlight and resists radar penetration and can hide human heat signatures. Then there’s the 19 miles of underground tracks, when a couple of miles of above ground tracks would have easily carried passengers from one concourse to another.

According to Phil Schneider, one of the original engineers on the project who supposedly strangled himself with a tourniquet, there is a 4.5 square mile city and an 88.5 square mile military base under the airport that goes 8 levels deep. For 17 years, Schneider designed miles of underground concrete tunnels, sealed on the ends with massive steel doors, wide enough for a two-lane highways with sprinklers running across the ceiling every two feet.

Over a third of the dirt that was removed for the construction of the Panama Canal was removed from underneath the Denver Airport. One of the passages connects the 5 buildings that were buried because of a supposed “mistake” to concourse C. According to airport officials, “They were built in the wrong place.” But where was the right place? There is still no sign of 5 buildings on the property anywhere; five buildings that range from 78ft to 150 feet tall. Also, near the area of the 5 buried buildings is a high tech runway still buried under inches of topsoil. The 40 ft. diameter shaft connecting to Concourse C was totally off limits to work crews. According to “unofficial sources,” crew members that have been contacted for statements have refused to make any but the interviewer could not help but notice their immediate nervousness by the question.

Outside the airport, strange magnetic anomalies have been documented that, because there is nothing on the surface in those areas, could only be coming from some underground electromagnetic source. According to Schneider, there are acres of unused, underground areas fenced off with chain link fences and barbed wire facing inward, obviously to detain someone or something. One of the tunnel areas is off limits to anyone not wearing a biological suit.

Outside the airport there are three structures that can be seen from the air that appear to be nuclear reactors but which officials have stated are part of a ventilation system and one can only ask, to where?

Could this be an underground military base or even, dare I suggest an extraterrestrial base? Even today, there are huge piles of dirt being excavated from the area around the airport and large tunnel sections are sitting, waiting to be deployed somewhere.

Schneider estimates that over his 17 years of employment, the government has spent at least $1.02T on these underground projects. Over 130 of these have been secretly constructed in the United States and almost 1,500 worldwide and he states that many of these bases are connected by a Mach 2 train system that society has yet to see. According to other “unofficial sources,” unofficial because people are scared to speak out, the United States government has been building underground bases from coast to coast called “Black Projects” using a “Black Budget,” money that does not show up anywhere and is spent in secret but is being drained from the American people. To quote Schneider, “If we’re going to gain our country back, public officials must tell us the truth or we’ll impeach them.”


Phil Schneider:

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9 thoughts on “Denver International Airport holds some deep dark secrets

  1. I knew most of the stuff at the DIA already but I didn’t know that it was shaped like a Swastika until it mentioned that and I looked at it on google map. I guess you learn something new everyday.

    Good post, #1.

    There are many underground cities all throughout the country. As a matter of fact, in the West, if you connect the dots and tunnels with all the underground bases so far known, you’ll see that is shaped like a man holding a sword. Tell me that wasn’t designed on purpose. See link below:

    This underground base facility is also something I want answered and released to the public no matter how bad it is when we restore the public. It may be opening pandora’s box, but if we don’t find out what it is and destroy it, it will come back and haunt us again until we do. I hear there are 8 levels of Satanic rituals and experiments of animals and people with deformed bodies and limbs crying out for help, but are only observed by scientists who treat them like lab rats, while selective soldiers do not dare utter a word about the cries of horror that they hear while standing guard. The way they always describe it, It makes me wonder if this is the key to the Underground “Resident Evil” lair or “The Hive” like the one you see in the movie, “Resident Evil. Is this the key to opening the bottomless pit of Satan? To releasing the locusts, scorpions and demons of Hell on Earth as stated in the Book of Revelations chapter 9:2-3?

    I’m sick of these hidden underground bases and secret facilities that only the government elite can see but WE THE PEOPLE can’t. I hate secrets and I hate living and not knowing what is hidden in front of me. It’s like the government is playing a practical joke on the entire world, but this one is a dangerous one.

    We need to expose these bastards and find out all we can about it and the rest of these underground bases in our country. I suggest the people in other countries do the same because trust me, don’t be so naive as to think that China, Japan, Russia, Britain, Brazil and so on don’t already have these same kinds of underground bases in their areas as well. Believe me, THEY DO! It’s just that we are able to exploit them more in our country than they can in theirs because of our communication infrastructure and alternative media. It’s the duty of every human being to exploit these secret facilities for what they are.

    1. “I hear there are 8 levels of Satanic rituals and experiments of animals and people with deformed bodies and limbs crying out for help, but are only observed by scientists who treat them like lab rats, while selective soldiers do not dare utter a word about the cries of horror that they hear while standing guard.”

      After watching “Secret Underground Bases and the New World Order” by Phil Schneider (made before they murdered him), I then bought “The Underground Lectures of Commander X”. It shows photos that were smuggled out, and all those things are in it, even the tunnels.

      1. I actually just heard from a friend who used to work at a psychiatric hospital near there between 1993-2000, that she heard from multiple normal working people who worked in the DIA area and who had no knowledge of conspiracy theories, that there is actually an underground space station underneath there. Maybe the REAL NASA that the government doesn’t want the public to see as compared to the fake NASA that they have in Houston and Florida for the public. So you can add that to your list, as well.

        1. Here’s another one that might interest you. I noticed it on BIN yesterday, but didn’t post it because it’s so long, and figured most wouldn’t take the time to watch it. I already have it on dvd from years ago. It’s about bogus global ‘threats’ to ALL of humanity, dreamed up by a military think tank back in ’66.

  2. This video clip reminds me of the movie, “2012” where the government can’t tell everyone what’s going to happen so they just get a bunch of “selective” rich folk to pay for it and to buy their way into the bunker, while the rest of the people get thrown away like tissue paper.

    I just have one thing to say though about all of that:

    “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

    And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

    For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”

    Revelations 6:15-17

    So they can hide all they want, but in the end, they WILL NOT and CANNOT escape God’s wrath. They are merely prolonging the inevitable and burying themselves in their own graves. Their greed, cowardness and materialistic values will be their downfall.

  3. I watched a documentary on this awhile back and they were taking pictures inside DIA and were immediately stopped and asked to leave. So than they traveled along the airport showing the concrete barriers that would be put in for the underground tunnels as they drove to a secret military base that was somewhere close to the airport but in the mountains and they said it was built into like 12 miles of granite. When they asked the guards if they would let ppl in, in the event of an attack they said they would shoot citizens and not let them in. Just watching the footage showed lots of electronics like massive main frames housing data and who knows what else. The doors to this place were huge as well. Also, in the doc they talked about all the hidden messages and symbols that are painted in murals and things like that inside DIA. The pic on this page is meant to represent like chemical warfare essentially saying NWO is going to wipe us out. And with everything they have in those under ground buildings they could probably store all the corrupt NWO organizers, animals and things to live and also crazy zombies or whatever you want to call them to take over…. great article by the way!!! glad someone knows what’s going on…..#1 NWO Hatr keep up the great work

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