1. I got to tell you guys It’s not unusual to see convoys in truck stops,I mean you see that all the time. And I know that they also carry arms. The truck stops love them because they spend a lot of money there

    1. True
      There are a ton of bases in Texas too

      I see this type of stuff in mid to upper Michigan a lot too as we have a few bases here also

      What we the people need to start seeing and participating in are, We the People convoys
      They think we don’t exist, because they don’t see us , some make their voices known , but no large teams of pissed off “criminally misrepresented” salt of the earth people

      Hey Mark, would your trailers owner object to the Bill of Rights painted on your barn doors ?

      1. Hes not American, ive been dreading to have to answer this question I knew Id get it sooner or later.
        But, Ive never asked, but ive never seen it, ever.
        Funny thing is, ive never seen it on even American owned trucks ive seen religious crosses, Jesus loves garbage but never a goddamn thing about the Bill of Rights. The big boys are corporate, what does that tell Yaah?

        1. I hear ya
          I don’t run any vans or covered wagons
          All flat bed ( skateboards)
          And a lowboy
          No canvas for such

    2. You’re dead wrong , they’re not supposed to be armed outside of a military installation. I served and participated in many convoys , heavy weapons cannot be mounted in a convoy, they have to be stowed inside the vehicles.

      1. ok chief, im dead wrong, ive seen it a hundred times over twenty years, especially holstered weapons.

        And something tells me Im going to be seeing it a lot more..

        1. Also assuming they are following any rules or laws anymore

          Doesn’t seem like any of them are anymore

      2. well.. they have 50cal mounts on some fire trucks.. the rules Do Not Apply.. anymore. we usta see em all the time when I was a kid. natl guard going to drill… on Fridays. if I ain’t mistaken the 11th was Monday!! point is.. anymore.. we should be concerned.. whether or not you’re both “dead wrong” is irrelevant. mutherfukers are moving and they ain’t our friends. not on our side. not anymore.. if ever.

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