$1 million reward offered for fugitive LA ex-cop

Police handout photo of Christopher DornerRT News

Amid a massive manhunt for the fugitive LA ex-cop suspected of having killed three people, authorities announced a reward of $1 million for information leading to his arrest.

“Hopefully, the reward will motivate people that may be involved with assisting him or might be reluctant to talk to us to call us and to put an end to this,” Sgt. Rudy Lopez said ahead of the announcement by LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Sunday.

This comes after Los Angeles police officials announced they will reopen an investigation into the 2008 firing of former officer Christopher Dorner.

Meanwhile the US Border Patrol has joined the manhunt to prevent the fugitive’s escape to Mexico.

Former LA police officer Christopher Dorner allegedly killed the daughter of a retired LAPD captain and her fiancé on February 3. Four days later, a police officer was shot dead, presumably also by Dorner, who promised still more deaths in his online manifesto. He explained his actions as revenge for being unfairly dismissed from the force five years ago. He also believes himself to be the victim of racial discrimination.

The Hollywood-style thriller of a manhunt for Dorner has continued for the last three days.

Despite Dorner’s being suspect to three killings, some of the sentiments expressed by him appear to have resounded with the public, with part of it pronouncing him a hero fighting for his rights. His fan pages appeared on Facebook, while comments on the manhunt story abound in Hollywood film references – The Rambo, The Dark Knight and The Fugitive.

LA police department denies it was ever unfair to Dorner, but promises to reinvestigate his dismissal.

“I feel we need to… publicly address Dorner’s allegations regarding his termination of employment, and to… completely review the Dorner complaint of 2007,” said Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck in a statement issued on Saturday. He added the decision to reopen investigation into Dorner’s case was made “not to appease a murderer,” but “to reassure the public that their police department is transparent and fair in all the things we do.”

The manhunt for the ex-cop was joined by heavily-armed and specially-trained US Border Patrol tactical response teams on Saturday, for fear that the suspect may be able to escape to neighboring Mexico. Dorner is being searched for in the ski-resort area of Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains, where his pickup truck was discovered burning on Thursday.

Three days of manhunt by hundreds of officers on the ground as well as air units have so far brought no results. Authorities admit that Dorner might no longer be in the area and that the demolished vehicle could have been a diversion, or even a trap.

Police have been so frantic to catch Dorner that they twice opened fire at people whom they mistakenly took for the ex-cop.


8 thoughts on “$1 million reward offered for fugitive LA ex-cop


    5,000,000 Patriots up in arms that’s what this is all about. The situation for LAPD is looking terrible. Decked out in their military BDU’s and fancy, soon to be banned, AR15 Assault rifles is impressive, but they can’t seem to find one man who is determined to execute justice. Interesting! What are these as_holes going to to do when 5,000,000 invisible patriots get rowdy. Dorner is already ahead of the game: LAPD – 0; Dorner – 3. He wins no matter what! At that rate 5,000,000 patriots equals: US Thugs-0; Patriots-15,000,000.

    I’ll tell you what they’re going to do. They’re go to stay home and watch cartoons with their kids because there’s nothing funny about f#@king with patriots.

    I don’t know that facts about Dorner’s termination from LAPD. His communist manifesto and love for Obama is a bit over the top, but how do we know what has really happened? Who is Dorner? What actually touched him off? The above article questions whether Dorner is a real person or at least is he actually still among the living?

    We don’t know. The only information we have is spilling out of the mouths of the talking heads and we all know that these bitches couldn’t tell the truth if Dorner was standing right behind them on camera!

    For now I’ll give Dorner one thumb up for balls, a commodity that seems to be quite rare among the male gender these days. For being a communist gone wild I’ll give him two thumbs down. Sorry ‘Bunky Bear’ you are like a dog biting his own wound, but I am glad you’re shooting your own kind instead of patriots.


    1. Tell ya what CXJ, if a average citizen or some specialist shot three people he would have been in custody or killed by night fall. There is way more to this Dorner story than what they are telling us or they would have had him by now.

      1. it’s actually not that hard to evade people if you know the area, and having a scanner with a signal-strength readout is usefull to determin range.

  2. Henry and J.D. have convinced me that this Dorner debacle is just another hoax, but aside from that, I doubt the city of L.A. can scrape together a million dollars anyway.

  3. Eh….$1 Million is nothing. Why not go for $1 Billion, since we have already pumped useless money into our economy on crazy things as it is. lol

  4. This reminds of of the $25 million reward they offered for Osama bin Had, knowing no one could ever possibly collect it, being that he was already dead.

    Watch for this figure to increase in the near future.

  5. I truly believe that Beck has received instructions from the local and national talmudist councils to take Dorner alive, hold a press conference reiterating that all of this has just been one big misunderstanding. Dorner will then travel to the ‘White House’ to have beers with Obama and whoever….

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