‘Don’t Shoot! I’m NOT DORNER!!’ Bumper Stickers Hit eBay

dont_shoot_im_not_dornerLAIST by Emma G. Gallegos

If you’re ready for some gallows humor about this whole Christopher Dorner situation, head on over to eBay.

There you’ll find a bumper sticker that reads “Don’t Shoot! I’m NOT DORNER!!” Get it? Because so far the LAPD has fired at two Hispanic women and the Torrance Police Department fired at a white man. In both cases, police said they thought they were firing at Dorner. There’s a window decal, too. (h/t Reddit)

There’s also a T-shirt just in case the problem isn’t that you have a truck like Dorner’s, but that you happen to have the same skin color as the renegade ex-LAPD cop.


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6 thoughts on “‘Don’t Shoot! I’m NOT DORNER!!’ Bumper Stickers Hit eBay

  1. Even though I’m white, I’m seriously considering getting one of these.

    It would appear that at least SOME of the idiot cops around here are color blind.

    1. pete, you obviously have no concept of what the cops are like here.

      A statement like that would guarantee they would shoot you, and consequently lie about the circumstances.

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