10 Killed In Alaska Plane Crash

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10 people have been confirmed as dead in a plane crash in Alaska according to this story [yesterday] from KTUU-TV in Alaska. Why the sudden onset of plane crashes recently? Zen Gardner put out a story today about the two nearly identical plane crashes yesterday, asking whether these were just remarkable coincidences of identical Asiana planes simultaneously on opposite sides of the globe or something caused by ‘space weather’. I agree with him that it is hard to believe that the two nearly identical crashes was accidental. Zen feels that the cause might be a breakdown and the continual decline of the Earth’s magnetic field, and other factors, and feels that it is something to always keep in mind during these drastic earth changes that we are experiencing.   

10 people were killed in a plane crash on the runway at the Soldotna Airport late Sunday morning, according to the National Transportation and Safety Board.

The NTSB says an air taxi, a de Havilland DHC-3 Otter, departed with nine passengers and one pilot and local authorities received reports of a plane crash around 11:20 a.m. Sunday.

“The fixed-wing aircraft was located fully engulfed at the airport and the flames were put out by CES,” Alaska State Troopers wrote in a news release based on information from the Soldotna Police Department. “There were no survivors located.”


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  1. Ok, this guy completely lost me after he mentioned the two Asianic plane incidents happening 5 minutes apart which seems to be more than a coincidence these days. I kind of know where he is going with this, but he is going to have to do a lot more to convince me of his hypothesis. But that’s just me.

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