10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Jong-un

Published on Apr 11, 2013 by Alltime10s

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Jong-un

We don’t know if he’s going to start World War Three, but you can find out more about this crazy dictator by watching 10 things you didn’t know about Kim Jong-un.

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4 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Jong-un

  1. One of these days his favorite American buddy, Dennis “the pierced tongue” Rodman will be coming back to America in a wooden box. Rodman, the wanna be North Korean transvestite, had better watch his girlie man back. Kim “kill you” Jong-Un will shoot him dead in a North Korean second.

    Kim “kill you” Jong Un, the mafia don wanna be, goose stepping comie, is not only in need of a new hair style, but also has an itchy trigger finger, well muscled from years of on-line x-box use with an uncle he just had shot.

    In a word, PSYCHOPATH……

    1. LOL, rubber lips himself. I bet that he likes those group showers too, ya know like those group showers that those athletes take. I`d hate to think of what those two do during their quiet time together

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