12-year-old Food Grower Donates 2 Tonnes of Vegetables to Homeless

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When Katie Stagliano, from South Carolina, was just nine years old, she planted a cabbage seedling that grew to change her life. In fact, when it weighed an astounding two-and-a-half stone, she knew it was destined for greater things than her own kitchen.

So, the cabbage was harvested, hoisted onto her father’s truck and delivered to a nearby soup kitchen, where it fed 275 people. “If one cabbage can feed that many,” Katie thought, “imagine how many people a whole garden could feed.”  

Saddened by seeing families having to queue for their only meal of the day, she set up Katie’s Krops. Run as a non-profit organisation and supported by donations and grants, its aim is to create as many vegetable plots as possible and yield enough food to regularly feed hundreds of people, as well as inspire others to set up similar schemes. Her approach is proven: “we can all help because it only takes a seedling!”

Palmetto House, a shelter that offers living space to 30 residents – including 12 children – and three meals a day, was already on Katie’s delivery route. However, staff realised they had enough land to grow produce onsite. A plot was marked out, residents helped till the soil, and a professional gardener volunteered her expertise to advise Katie on how to make the space most productive.

Meanwhile, golf professionals Linda and Bob Baker, who own 41 acres, were so inspired by Katie’s efforts that they also donated a chunk of their land for another plot. “It makes you feel so good to see someone that young, with that amount of compassion, step in and really make a difference,” Bob says.
Katie currently oversees six working gardens, including one the length of a football pitch donated by her school. Classmates, family and other volunteers help plant and water the sites, including her 8 year-old brother, John Michael, who is head of pumpkin production.


Now 12 years old, Katie has donated around 2,000kg of fresh food since her operation started. “I love what she exudes: caring for others,” says Sue Hanshaw from the shelter that received the very first cabbage. “It’s made a big impact on a lot of people.”

One former homeless mother, who gets a weekly supply of vegetables from Katie’s Krops, adds: “She’s showing that you can help other people no matter how young you are.”

Although her free time is limited, Katie is still keen to expand her involvement. “Once a month I go to Palmetto House with my friends and teachers,” she says, “and we cook a delicious, healthy, hot meal for the guests, based on what’s available in the gardens.

“I love creating new recipes and being able to sit down and share a healthy dinner with the people who benefit from Katie’s Krops. It brings the project full circle and we compost all the scraps and turn them back into the garden to add nutrients.”

Meanwhile, Katie has even found time to write an illustrated children’s book, Katie’s Cabbage. She is also hosting a competition for other philanthropic gardeners. “I dream of having gardens in all 50 states,” she reveals. “I’m working to make this dream a reality by offering children a grant to start their own vegetable plots … I hope Katie’s Krops will inspire lots of others to help in the fight against hunger.”


17 thoughts on “12-year-old Food Grower Donates 2 Tonnes of Vegetables to Homeless

  1. Good article #1. The kid and her supporters are doing more – it seems -than the govt. is. I just hope she doesn`t get arrested for feeding the homeless like that other article.

      1. Lets hope not Luddite. That is a good kid. I wouldn`t put it past some govt. worker to do something rotten like that though. Ya gotta agree with what #1 said @8:13.

  2. What a sweetheart, eh? And even has her 8 yr. old brother helping her. We need more like her in this country.

    Unfortunately, the public school (indoctrination) system has most of them so dumbed down that the only thing they’re really good at these days are video games.

  3. That girl is absolutely admirable.She reminds one and all that even in the US there are virtuous people.

  4. The authorities may wish to discourage this young girl’s social tendencies but as she is so young she is not yet aware of authority as a cause for great harm, so she is naturally caring for her fellow man, a socialist for life.

    1. If people followed her example,where would we be? Chairman Mao said something to the effect”I don’t care about standing armies or a man with a gun! What I fear is someone with an IDEA!”
      Lord Rothschild was once asked “What worries you the most” he replied nonchalantly,”Oh,..the innovator” This child is a threat to the system. Beware!

  5. What this child is doing,should be what every child should be doing at school.Learning how to provide themselves and others with food.They also learn the value of community,the sciences,self reliance,and a hundred other interrelated things just by gardening.

  6. What a great kid…it’s too bad that everyone in our psychotic government probably thinks she belongs in jail for this.

  7. Wow, wish I had parents like hers when I was that young. I am 30 and still trying to find ways to help people. More people need to be selfless like her and maybe there would be less hungry people in the world. But, then again too many cities won’t even let people have a garden.

  8. This is a great story, and it is good to bring it up again.

    I would just note, however, that it was originally posted in 2011 on Positivenews.org.uk, so the young girl is actually two years older now.

  9. The photo of the children growing the veggies is the key – the joy of children involved in gardening – if they grow the food, they will eat it.
    Seeing city gardens pop up all over the country is definitely inspirational.
    And if any idiot goobermint ‘official’ tries to shut down these gardens, they need to stick the idiots into a room and starve them for a week so they understand the importance of Real food – then when the week is over, stuff them full of gmo junk for another week and let them experience the real damage that chemical poisoning does to a human body.

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