6 thoughts on “12 Year Old kid Owns Cop For Parking On Sidewalk, Asks For Badge Number

  1. Judging from that porkers waistline, he was probably in a huge rush to get into Krispy Kreme.

  2. Just another example of do as I COMMAND and not as I do. Cops believe they are a privileged group, backed by violence, intimidation and virtual impunity. When they start going to jail in large numbers it will change, not until then.

  3. Good job kid. The only thing that kid could have done when that pig didn`t show his badge # would have to have got his lisence plate # off the cops bike and then reported that pig to the pigs supervisor and demand what was goig to be done about that cop for illegal parking and to have that on film……. If that kid was 14 maybe 15 yr.s old that cop would have beat that kid bloody as cops are well known to do. Yep, this is just another example of a pos cop being above the law.

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