19 sweet and sinful cocktails for Valentine’s Day

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If you’re planning a romantic meal at home this Valentine’s Day, make sure you have the perfect cocktail to start the evening off right. From sweet and fruity to aromatic and refreshing, these decadent creations will set the mood.   

  • 1. Valentine’s Night Romance

    VOGA Italia

    A classic combination of berries and cream will put you in the mood for love.

    Recipe: Valentine’s Night Romance

  • 2. Strawberry Sparkle

    Licor 43

    Nothing says romance quite like champagne and fresh fruit.

    Recipe: Strawberry Sparkle

  • 3. Passion Martini

    National Bartenders School

    Tropical flavors meet smooth vodka in this passionate concoction.

    Recipe: Passion Martini

  • 4. St. Germain cocktail


    “This cocktail is great for Valentine’s Day because it adds an intimate level to the experience by sharing the carafe. The St-Germain Cocktail itself is an elegant and crisp cocktail that is a lovely addition to the night,” celebrated NYC bartender Meaghan Dorman of the Raines Law Room told FoxNews.com.

    Recipe: St. Germain cocktail

  • 5. Blushing Date

    TY KU

    This fun and flirty cocktail made with TY KU Soju, raspberry liqueur, pink grapefruit juice and grenadine may cause you to reminisce with your significant other about your first date.

    Recipe: Blushing Date

  • 6. Lover’s Paradise


    With just one decadent sip, your lover will definitely be ready for an evening of true romance.

    Recipe: Lover’s Paradise

  • 7. Vino and Vigor


    Spice up your night with this spicy brew.

    Recipe: Vino and Vigor Cocktail

  • 8. Sweet & Seductive Sweetheart

    Sparkling ICE

    A fruity cocktail with a fresh twist.

    Recipe: Sweet & Seductive Sweetheart

  • 9. Honey Drop Martini

    Meghan McGovern

    Whip up this special cocktail for your own honey.

    Recipe: Honey Drop Martini

  • 10. Pink Squirrel


    This decadent drink blends ice cream with alcohol for a satisfying end to any romantic meal.

    Recipe: Pink Squirrel

  • 11. Spiced Sangria Kiss

    VOGA Italia

    A batch of this fresh and lightly-spiced sangria will get the party started.

    Recipe: Spiced Sangria Kiss

  • 12. Cupid’s Arrow


    Making this drink requires a little bit of artistry, but the final result is worth the flair.

    Recipe: Cupid’s Arrow

  • 13. Grapefruit Crush

    Sparkling ICE

    This simple yet refreshing sparkler will dazzle your crush.

    Recipe: Grapefruit Crush

  • 14. Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini

    National Bartenders School

    Chocolate lovers will want more than one of this tasty, dessert-like creation.

    Recipe: Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Martini

  • 15. Whiskey Kiss

    National Bartenders School

    This innocently named drink packs a punch with Irish whiskey.

    Recipe: Whiskey Kiss

  • 16. St. Skinny Valentine

    TY KU

    Bring a taste of the tropics to the table with this fruity concoction.

    Recipe: St. Skinny Valentine

  • 17. Midnight Lover

    National Bartender’s School

    Skip the chocolates and sip this sinfully delicious drink for dessert instead.

    Recipe: Midnight Lover

  • 18. French Kiss Iced Tea

    National Bartender’s School

    The Long Island Iced Tea has been given a Valentine’s Day makeover.

    Recipe: French Kiss Iced Tea

  • 19. Kappa Kiss

    KAPPA Pisco

    You’ll never guess the secret ingredient in this romantic drink.

    Recipe: Kappa Kiss

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