19-year-old hopes to revolutionize nuclear power

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How do you raise a genius? At age 11, Taylor Wilson told his parents that he wanted to build a nuclear reactor in the family garage. His parents never guessed he would do it, but three years later Taylor made history as the youngest person ever to build a fusion reactor. Since then he’s continued to amaze everyone around him with inventions like a cheaper way to make medical isotopes to treat cancer, and a better way to detect dirty bombs. Rock Center’s Harry Smith hikes in the mountains of Western Nevada with this boy wonder to learn what makes Taylor Wilson tick.


One thought on “19-year-old hopes to revolutionize nuclear power

  1. Beautiful story,one that only the MSM could infect and destroy. It was beautiful up until he met the man in the white house. And then, Harry, at the 7:40min mark – yellowcake – the reason we went to war in Iraq. Still lying after all these years…. Simply unreal.

    Hopefully this kid uses his brilliance as well in the future to seek the truth. At least his parents were wise enough to take him out of the indoctrination center at an early age.

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