2 police officers shot and killed in Westerville, Ohio

CBS News

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Two police officers were fatally shot responding to a potential domestic situation in Ohio on Saturday afternoon, authorities said. The shooting suspect was wounded in the incident and taken to a nearby hospital.

The shooting took place around 11:30 a.m. Saturday on Crosswind Drive. Officers were responding to a 911 call at the address, and were fired upon when they arrived at the scene.

The victims were later identified as 39-year-old officer Anthony Morelli and 54-year-old officer Eric Joering, Westerville Police Chief Joe Morbitzer announced during a press briefing Saturday.

Joering, a 16-year veteran, was killed at the scene. Morelli, a 29-year veteran, died in surgery at Ohio State University Medical Center, Morbitzer said.

CBS Columbus affiliate WBNS posted images that showed multiple police cruisers at the scene. Westerville is located 15 miles north of Columbus.

“We are deeply saddened to report that one of our officers has been killed in the line of duty,” the City of Westerville tweeted Saturday. In a separate tweet, the city confirmed the second officer’s death.

Sen. Kevin Bacon, R-Minerva Park, issued a statement offering condolences to the officers’ families.

“Our hearts and prayers are with the Westerville officers, their friends, families and the Westerville Police Department at this difficult time,” Bacon said. “Now is one of those times and we — as a community — must rally behind the families and fellow officers.”


WBNS images show the scene where two officers were shot in Westerville, Ohio.



17 thoughts on “2 police officers shot and killed in Westerville, Ohio

  1. ‘The victims were later identified as 39-year-old officer Anthony Morelli ………Morelli, a 29-year veteran, died ….’
    dang he made cop at 10 years of age!

    1. And even if the pigs had a legitimate reason to get involved in this particular domestic affair (e.g., if a battered wife called them for help), they STILL got what they deserved for the many evil acts they undoubtedly committed as paid mercenaries for the anti-Constitution police state.

  2. I don’t believe they should have been killed. But if they kidnapped children from real good homes I am glad they are dead. Like the Bob and Stefany Minor family in N.D. They should be shot for that. The reason Jews were forced out of country’s was child abduction and murder. Now the Jews have the CPS all there hedious evil is now legal. There is no murder when they die. We need speek more of real murder and real killing there is biblical differance.

    1. “I don’t believe they should have been killed.”


      These scumbags work for the ICM. Their ONLY job is to protect & serve the CORPORATE INTERESTS. They will kill you or I WITHOUT HESITATION to protect those interests.

      Kindly provide one single valid reason WHY THEY SHOULDN’T ALL BE KILLED!

    2. “….I don’t believe they should have been killed…..”

      Then you don’t know what they do all day. And….. they think YOU should be killed just for believing you have constitutional rights.

      Wake up!!! Recognize the enemy BEFORE he kills you next.

    3. “I don’t believe they should have been killed. ”

      The Policy Enforcers are no more than the front line troops for the occupying Admiralty Maritime Occupation of our nation. It does not matter that they live in your local neighborhoods instead of inside a walled camp (yet). They are volunteers (traitors) who have sold out our Bill of Rights for a paycheck and a boost to their egos on the power trip of “authority”. They are given a gun and badge, and are taught to antagonize, bully, abduct and cage people for any possible infraction of their Administrative Policy. They, as a group, hold to an “us or them” attitude towards the people of our land, with special rights and privileges no one else is “permitted” to possess. They are consistently found to be lawbreakers, liars and murderers themselves, and their crimes are excused and covered for by others in their ranks, as well as the bureaucrats and elected officials in the occupying governments, both local, city, state and federal. It can be demonstrated that the Order of Freemasons is firmly entrenched in not only the Police Agencies, but the entire Admiralty Administrative Court System and it’s tentacles in the B.A.R. Association, Prosecutor’s Offices and Prison System. That the term “The Thin Blue Line” has come to be used culturally as synonymous with the Police is indicative of just how far down that road we have come. The proper application of the term “Thin Blue Line” should be (and has traditionally been used among the Freemason Overlords) as a reference to the “BLUE LODGE”, which is a reference to the 1st three levels of Freemasonry, in which they gain the majority of their Shills and Dupes, but keep these 3 levels in the proverbial dark regarding the true aspirations of the higher orders of the Lodge. The reason it is called the Thin Blue Line is that it is the line of defense used by the Freemason Overlords to keep the sheep in the public at bay, to avoid the torches and pitchforks that would show up at THEIR doorsteps should the People awaken from their stupor and see past the veil of deceit. That these minions are kept ignorant of the plans of the Overlords DOES NOT mean they are harmless; they still are useful idiots when it comes to pressure from the Lodge to perform in a certain way to receive special benefits from their superiors. Consider that even the junior Lodge members are pressured to perform acts to remain in the good graces of the Lodge, and it is easy to discern why the Racket continues unabated when it comes to giving the criminal Enforcers a “pass” on their unlawful behavior.
      The fact that the People NEVER gave any legitimate authority for these crime gangs to exist or to have any special powers over the People makes them ILLEGITIMATE, UNLAWFUL and CRIMINAL in their very existence. The same can and must be said regarding the phony CORPORATE governments that have usurped our Free Republic and now view the United States as their property via COMMERCE. In other words: They are DOMESTIC ENEMIES of the Free People of the United States.
      If and until we begin to see the oft touted (but rarely if ever observed) “good cops” speaking out regarding the crimes of those with whom they run in their crime gangs, it is perfectly understandable to view ALL those who wear their uniform equally responsible for the criminal activities of their fellows. However, speaking out and testifying about the crimes of other Policy Enforcers DOES NOT absolve them of wearing the CORPORATE UNIFORM of the Occupation, it only exposes their ignorance of the violations of our Bill of Rights which that uniform represents. The fact that Policy Enforcers are now proven to be drawn from those of less-than-average intelligence does not bode well for them awakening to their criminality, but rather to them “doubling down” and entrenching themselves even further into the Machiavellian Occupation and Enslavement of our once free nation.
      I do not hold out much hope that the inertia of criminality by the Occupiers will be abated by the “reform” of any of the uniformed thugs, some of the reasons being cited above. If and until the Republic can be restored and the Admiralty CORPORATION banished, it would be proper and wise to view any and all encounters with these enforcers as a potential assault on one’s life by an enemy army, and appropriate response should be determined and decided upon BEFORE they accost you.
      They have their criminal POLICY which violates almost entirely our Bill of Rights; each of our families must determine OUR POLICY to support and defend our God-Given Rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

      1. A most excellent assessment, Darzak!

        I used to post longer comments, back in the days when I had internet 24/7. That no longer being the case, I’m much more apt to keep them shorter & to the point these days, whenever possible.

  3. “The victims were later identified as 39-year-old officer Anthony Morelli and 54-year-old officer Eric Joering,…”



  4. If I pull the trigger on some one I will be ready to die that day.
    It will not be murder if they die. I tell them we are going to court. And it’s not the one you planned. I did not by in to the shit about God the great respecter of your badge. And that the only authorized killer of man kind is goverment
    That what I think but the words I say to people will be few.
    Hail Christ Victory.

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