2,000 vets vow to defend Dakota pipeline protesters

The Hill – by Jessie Hellmann

More than 2,000 veterans have announced plans to assemble in an effort to protect protesters at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota next week.

The effort, called Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, is meant to be a nonviolent intervention to defend protesters from what they described as “assault and intimidation at the hands of the militarized police force.”  

Protesters have camped out for months at the Oceti Sakowin camp to protest the proposed 1,170-mile Dakota Access Pipeline. But law enforcement officials have threatened to impose fines and block supply deliveries.

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple (R) issued a mandatory evacuation for the hundreds of thousands of activists, citing “anticipated harsh weather conditions.”

But protesters have vowed not to leave.

The veterans event was organized by Michael A. Wood Jr., who served in the Marine Corps, and screenwriter Wesley Clark Jr., according to the New York Times. 

While Wood told the Times he initially hoped to attract 500 veterans, 2,000 now plan to come.

“We have every age, we have every war,” he said.

The group has also launched a GoFundMe page to pay for food, transportation and supplies, and has raised $657,000 of its $1 million goal as of Wednesday morning.

Event organizers indicated it could have more “missions” in the future, including one as early as the second week of December.

“We’re doing this to support our country so lets do it with honor, working together,” event organizers wrote on the event’s Facebook page.

“We can stop this savage injustice being committed right here at home. If not us, who? If not now, when?


14 thoughts on “2,000 vets vow to defend Dakota pipeline protesters

  1. Lots of money and people, even veterans, but without the will to fight, kill and be killed, nothing will be accomplished.

  2. Okay, so 2000 vets (will they be armed?) are going to stop militarized police…folks had Native Americans back in the 1800s and earlier actually stood up for themselves–for real–by not allowing whoever else to steal their lands (or give it away as part of the “no concept of private ownership” meme), this would not be happening. And ANY American who does NOT support the right of Natives to defend their water or whatever DESERVES to lose their own land.

    1. The vets will be protesting under a strict “bring no weapons” policy, meaning they will accomplish nothing but setting themselves up as punching bags for the pigs.

    2. I am native American, Indian, whatever you want to call us. However, asking the UN for help, asking the US pirates to not steal or asking anything of anyone is a joke. That said, will fighting result in a win for Sioux, not likely. We have never bothered to raise an army. We are sitting ducks and Cherokee, Aniyunwaiya, have sold ourselves and all other nations out being obedient little bitches just like we were when Jackson marched us out. I can’t say fully that I support them. I sympathize but they are fighting a lost cause because we are few and no one cares. All we can do is fight to extinction.

      1. Samuel,
        My great-grandmother refused the trek to Oklahoma and spent most of her life in hiding, so I do not carry a card that grants me any special right, but I will tell you something.
        The first time this country was conquered, it was accomplished through divide, tribe against tribe, brother against brother. This is the lesson taught, but learned?
        All American nationals are of one tribe. Our numbers are legion and our arms are a plenty. If we unite as one people for the cause of our Bill of Rights and common law we cannot be defeated.
        We can drive all of those who have invaded through the new re-colonization fraud and take back our sovereignty. We have all come from this land and have the right through our existence to live peaceful lives, nourished by its bounty. There is a plenty for all of us, but now, like then, it is groups who wish to be set aside and made special who are selling the rest of us out for the promise of a handful of trinkets in comparison to that which is sacrificed.
        The Bill of Rights and common law can bind us as a single people, the American nationals of the American race, who are of every pigment from light to dark, and who could live in peace and harmony once separated from the outside agitations.
        In short, we unite or, like the first time around, they will exterminate all of us, one group collective at a time, as the other group collectives aid in the extermination for the promise of presents.

        1. ” If we unite as one people for the cause of our Bill of Rights and common law we cannot be defeated.”

          no truer words spoken , and I too have said this so many times proven by my comments right here on this site

        2. I agree completely. But just stating that based on our actions we are not positioning ourselves for survival.
          “Native Americans” usually align themselves with communists and liberals who are the very people still trying to exterminate us. That is not a winning plan and it pisses off the conservative/patriots who are our would be allies.

  3. I keep hearing we will stand against this and we will stand against that. As long as we can have what powers our collective enemies because with out money we can’t-won’t do anything. After all what the jew creates freely is to us wealth itself and we are not going to open this Pandora’s box to grasp what money really is. So we need to use that which hands our energy to our enemies in order to subdue our enemies? What our enemies create freely and loan to us we refuse to see as anything but wealth itself? We will fight our enemies as we feed our enemies? We will organize against our enemies but our energy we will give to our enemies?

    ‘Let them protest all they want as long as they pay their taxes’.

    Everyone wants to fight though no one has any ability to. Sure you do and this shows by who you support. Attack those you fund and support? That is not fighting. It is a child’s tantrum. Remain unable to even live without what your enemies create freely and loan to you yet you are capable of fighting against that which grants to you and creates your very wealth?
    What is the definition of goyim?
    There is and never has been any reason to fight IF you are willing to see value where it lives and not in the money that re-presents it. But money is easier and less work and these reasons are why we are ruled and deserve to be. So with 2 million frns could these ‘pay-triots’ solve other problems created by money?
    THINK! What are creatures that demand to remain 100% dependent on a medium that hands its users energy to the creators of the medium while the users rail against the creators and their machinations? What are those that believe there are no alternatives without even being able to define the term ‘medium’? A medium is an UNnecessary factor in exchanges. What are a people that see what powers their enemies and is UNnecessary as absolutely required for their very existence?

  4. Those vets thought they were tough because they were willing to take up arms against desperate, impoverished, woefully outgunned foreigners who nevertheless struggled to defend their lands against invasion and occupation.

    Now they’re eschewing the use of arms, even defensively, since that would risk angering the government they once served. They fear being forced to fight against the same kind of odds they had on their side in their operations against the Iraqis and the Taliban.

    To borrow from William Grigg, some people have courage only in the service of power.

  5. So, question, who owns the land they are camping on? If public, they cannot force evac. If Indian territory, the state has no authority. If private and they are not welcome then that is trespassing. So either the state has no authority or the protesters are committing a crime. You don’t get to make the rules as you go.

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