.223 Varmint Load


Since its inception, we have always regarded the .223 cartridge (5.56 NATO) as a varmint load.

Well, now we have our hands full of varmints, so perhaps we have the perfect tool for the task.

One thought on “.223 Varmint Load

  1. The picture of Jeff Cooper is fine, but your lead would be offensive to him. If I remember correctly, Jeff Cooper was a proponent of 7.62X51mm & developed the first so called “Scout” rifle aroung the cartridge. Also favored the 1911 Colt pistol platform and was a prime mover & shaker in the development of the Bren 10.

    As for the 5.56mm/.223; the cartridge went to war before it went varmint hunting. The specs are different between the NATO 5.56 & commercial .223Rem chambers. Either one will do the “varmint” control quite well with the proper bullet & round placement within the effective ranges. 7.62X51 NATO rules in the hands of a real rifleman.

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