Gary Best Inc is Back as the Fed Goes Broke

Intelligence Briefings – by Tom Heneghan

UNITED STATES of America  –   It can now be reported that the U.S. Federal Reserve remains trapped in a toxic derivative box.

The derivative holdings of major worldwide banks are about to go binary. Derivative separation will lead to more asset deleveraging as a major 2008-style liquidity crisis beckons.  

This pending financial crisis dovetails to the last FALSE FLAG BLAG OP terrorist attack in a shopping mall in Kenya.

We can now report that the NSA-sponsored terrorist organization “Gary Best Inc” has resurfaced and is responsible for the FALSE FLAG terrorist attack at the Kenyan shopping mall.

Definition: Gary Best Inc is a Clinton Era created private mercenary army that had their origins tied to the war in Bosnia that engaged in political assassinations of Christian Serbian leaders.

Note: Gary Best Inc was assisted in this activity by alleged al Qaeda (U.S. CIA data base). Gary Best Inc worked directly with none other than lifelong U.S. government employee, 9/11 patsy Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman.

Gary Best Inc also had links going as far back as Iran Contra and former George Herbert Walker Bush Administration official Richard Secord.

Gary Best Inc is responsible for the various FALSE FLAG terrorist attacks on U.S. shopping malls for the last fifteen (15) years.

My sources for this information are undisputed.

What we are talking about is an unpublished manuscript titled “True Colors” written by former Clinton White House aide and now ABC news journalist George Stephanopoulos.

This unpublished manuscript was originally going to be used by former Republican Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia in the impeachment proceedings against former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton.

Stephanopoulos had originally agreed to be a witness.

P.S. Sources at ABC News expect another major Benghazi-like BLACK OP event (with the use of chemical weapons) to take place in the Middle East at any moment.

At this hour the U.S. Military remains determined to destroy the treasonous Nazi Paperclip NSA (National Security Agency) that has turned the United States of America into a gigantic animal farm.

Reference: It is interesting that former U.S. President Bill Clinton defended the Nazi Paperclip NSA during an interview he did today on CNN. When the former President said, and listen to this folks, …that the NSA committed crimes by spying on the American People by accident.

Message to former President Clinton: In all due respect, Sir, it was no accident when you used the NSA to spy on Monica Lewinsky and former Congressman Bob Barr, Republican of Georgia, who was about to release the “True Colors” manuscript to the New York Times.

Other important events tied to the “True Colors” manuscript:

Lori Kaye Klausutis, aide to former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, was found dead at her desk in his Fort Walton Beach, Florida congressional office after seeing the “True Colors’ manuscript that connected Gary Best Inc to the treasonous Nazi Paperclip NSA.

Lori Klausutis also had information linking Gary Best Inc and the NSA to the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. whose George magazine was about to get a copy of the “True Colors” manuscript and publish it. JFK Jr., like his father, John F. Kennedy, was a vicious opponent of the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve system and planned to seek the Democratic nomination in New York state to run for the U.S. Senate and challenge then first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Gary Best Inc was responsible for the Omaha Westroads Mall shooting the very day George W. BushFRAUD was being questioned at the Offutt Air Force Base by the U.S. Military Joint Chiefs of Staff on his 9/11 treason.

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  1. if this is true:….” at this hour the us military remains determined to destroy….The NSA…..” the plan of NWO may or may not change….Would be a + not to have the NSA…For Sure!
    I am no fan of the US Military running things and indeed this article doesn’t say thats in the works……

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