25 Extremely Bizarre Laws That Don’t Make Sense

Published on Feb 21, 2013 by list25

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While most laws are created to protect the interests of society, there are some that are just unexplainable, illogical, and even impractical. From laws concerning what food you may eat and when to laws defining the clothes a murder may or may not where, prepare to be baffled by 25 extremely bizarre laws that don’t make sense.


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Here’s a preview:

It is Illegal to Wear a Bulletproof Vest While Committing a Murder In New Jersey
Bingo Games Can’t Last More Than Five Hours In North Carolina
Beer and Pretzels Cannot Be Served at the Same Time in Any Bar or Restaurant In North Dakota
You May Not Take a Picture of a Rabbit during the Month of June In Wyoming
It Is Illegal For A Man to Give His Sweetheart A Box of Candy Weighing More Than 50 lbs In Idaho
It is Illegal to Have Christmas Decorations Up After January 14 In Maine
It is Illegal to Walk across a Street on Your Hands In Connecticut
It is illegal to die in London’s Houses of Parliament
Flushing the Toilet after 10 PM Where the Person Lives In an Apartment Is Illegal In Sweden
Women Must Obtain Written Permission from Their Husbands to Wear False Teeth In Vermont
You Must Be 18 Years of Age to Play a Pinball Machine In South Carolina
Putting Salt on a Railroad Track May Be Punishable By Death In Alabama
Donkeys Cannot Sleep In Bathtubs In Arizona
No Vehicle without a Driver May Exceed 60 Miles per Hour In California
Waking a Sleeping Bear for a Photo Opportunity Is Strictly Forbidden In Alaska
You Can Be Stopped By the Police for Biking Over 65 Miles per Hour In Connecticut
It Is Illegal To Serve Butter Substitutes in Wisconsin State Prisons
Fishing While Sitting on a Giraffe’s Neck is Forbidden In Illinois
It Is Illegal To Rob A Bank and Then Shoot at the Bank Teller with A Water Pistol In Louisiana
Next-Door Neighbors May Not Lend Each Other Vacuum Cleaners In Colorado
No One May Cross Minnesota State Lines with a Duck On Top Of Their Head
It Is Illegal For A Man to Buy Drinks for More Than Three People at A Time In Las Vegas
Donut Holes May Not Be Sold In Nebraska
It Is Illegal To Sleep On Top Of A Refrigerator Outdoors In Pennsylvania
Whistling Underwater Is Illegal In Vermont

2 thoughts on “25 Extremely Bizarre Laws That Don’t Make Sense

    1. I just had to post this video here at the trenches when I saw it. The sad part is that this just barely scratches the surface of the plethora of ludicrous laws passed in this country.

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