25 Things That the SHTF Doesn’t Care About

The Organic Prepper

SHTF doesn’t generally drop by at the best of times.  In fact, SHTF thrives and grows exponentially under more adverse circumstances.

So, suck it up, put on your boots, and power through it – SHTF doesn’t care and neither can you!

  1. SHTF doesn’t care about inclement weather – snow, hail, tornadoes and hurricanes all just add to the party atmosphere for SHTF.  
  2. SHTF doesn’t care that you sprained your ankle, broke your leg or are otherwise less than ambulatory. If you have to bug out without a vehicle, you have to bug out, regardless of your injury status.
  3. SHTF doesn’t care that you decided to start prepping after the trip to Disneyworld (because that trip is expensive!!!!)
  4. SHTF doesn’t care that you are on a boat in the middle of  the ocean, regardless of what you paid for the luxury cruise.  (Check out recent ill-fated Carnival Cruise of the Triumph if you don’t believe me!)
  5. SHTF doesn’t care that you had planned to get your vehicle repaired.  You have to evacuate regardless of the leak from the oil pan, the condition of the brakes and the funny noise in the transmission.
  6. SHTF doesn’t care that the entire family is ill with the stomach flu.  The entire family will just have to pause to throw up while bugging out.
  7. SHTF doesn’t care that you need new hiking boots and that you just haven’t had time to get to the store and buy them.
  8. SHTF doesn’t care that you planned to buy some bulk foods with your next paycheck.
  9. SHTF doesn’t care that you always use electronic banking. If the ATMS are down and you have no cash, you cannot buy anything.
  10. SHTF doesn’t care that you used all your ammo at the range and Wal-Mart has been out for the past month.
  11. SHTF doesn’t care that the grocery store is closed because of a power outage and you only have a can of peas and some saltine crackers in the house.
  12. SHTF doesn’t care that you are wearing high heels when your car plummets to the bottom of a ravine – you still have to climb out.
  13. SHTF doesn’t care that the pharmacies are closed because of a pandemic and that you have no OTC or herbal medicines at home – if you catch the virus, you will suffer through it without medicine to treat it. And so will your kids.
  14. SHTF doesn’t care that your truck is almost out of gas and the local gas stations have closed because of the disaster.  If you have to bug out, you may end up walking instead of driving.
  15. SHTF doesn’t care that you are depressed because you just broke up with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. S happens when S happens.
  16. SHTF doesn’t care that you have made a rock solid plan to get in shape – as soon as the weather warms up.
  17. SHTF doesn’t care that you are visiting your in-laws, the most unprepared people on the planet.
  18. SHTF doesn’t care that you had planned to get the propane tank refilled and now the propane trucks aren’t running.
  19. SHTF doesn’t care that your wood is not dry.
  20. SHTF doesn’t care that you have 300 pounds of beans and rice but failed to plan on a way to cook them.
  21. SHTF doesn’t care that you don’t know how to cook over an open fire without inflicting 2nd degree burns on yourself.
  22. SHTF doesn’t care if you have only a week’s supply of toilet paper – if the crisis lasts longer than a week, things will be progressively less pleasant regardless of your intention to purchase more Charmin.
  23. SHTF doesn’t care you planned to reinforce your door frame and install a metal security door – if thugs arrive to invade your home, your hollow core door will serve as a minor inconvenience instead of a deterrent.
  24. SHTF doesn’t care if you believe the fecal matter is headed towards the oscillating device or whether you think it’s a conspiracy theory.
  25. Whatever your excuse may be, you may rest assured, it could easily be on this list.   And SHTF won’t care about that either.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook andTwitter, and you can email her at daisy@theorganicprepper.ca


3 thoughts on “25 Things That the SHTF Doesn’t Care About

  1. and another thing….rivero can kiss my skinny arse telling people to move from the U.S. I love the U.S. and I will stay and fight..its the last shining jewel before the globalists take over the planet….those who live in different countries? have fun, cause if they take the U.S. down, within months all countries will be tyranny to the max…I choose to stay and fight..those who moved to other countries, dont come back if./when we win…traitors
    (sorry, kinda in a mood today) 🙂

    1. And Tristan da Cuhna will be the only place ignored. But you can’t move there. It’s too small. No immigration allowed.

  2. I have had a storm of shit in the last few days. The gearbox went in my car (too old and not worth fixing). A friend lent me a car which died 5 km from home with the dogs in it while on my way to pick up my wife. Then a friend took pity on me and drove me into town this morning as I had a doctor’s appointment and his diff seized up.
    The lesson here is if you are reliant on something mechanical make sure it is in good nick as when shit happens it happens in groups and at the most inopportune time.
    I have to attend medical services a few times a week for the next few months in the city which is 70km away and I am transport wise royally ^*%&^$.
    here’s a hint. If you are on necessary medication then try and squirrel a bit away for a rainy day.
    Anyway I am off to have a cry now 🙁

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