2nd Amendment ALERT!!! I just called Bank of America… you have to hear this!

Published on Jan 15, 2013 by fstemick

Bank of America has decided that they are our lords telling us what we can and can not purchase!!!! ASK THE JEWS OF GERMANY HOW THE PROCESS BEGINS! They werent allowed to purchase things they needed/wanted either.

Thanks to Dave for this video.

Things are heating up, have a look at this youtube vid of a woman calling Bank of America to verify that B of A cards “can no longer be used to buy guns or ammo”
The customer service rep confirmed it live on the phone (skip to the 1:20 mark since you won’t want to hold with her)

I sincerely hope that all of you have more than you think you need at this time.

6 thoughts on “2nd Amendment ALERT!!! I just called Bank of America… you have to hear this!

  1. A lot of the commentors on the Youtube site for this video say this is a fake and has been debunked. So I don’t know whether this is actually valid or disinformation. No offense.


    what kind of bullshit is this guy trying to sell?
    the jews screwed germany and then declaired war on it – they where not the victims.

    if anything, look at what the jews did to germany from the inside – then from the outside.
    then look at america now – see the similaritys!

    1. Absolutely right there. The real truth is that the present US administration is Jewish-led, and that the intended restrictions on gun ownership are created by Jews.

      The author would do better saying what victims the Gentiles are by mentioning the origin of the US 1991 Noahide Laws, intended to lawfully permit the execution by guillotine of any or all non-Jewish US citizens in the event of an emergency administration and the constitution being suspended.

      Taking guns off people is a Jewish initiative to permit the Jewish-led US government to take US citizens to the guillotines, or be shot by the Jewish-led DHS and troops using hollow point ammo, in a repeat of the Bolshevik massacres of 66 million Russian Christians.

      And Hitler took guns off criminal members of the Communist Party, who numbered 6.5 million in Germany, not innocent civilians, after the Communists seized control of Bavaria and began the systemic Stalinist annihilation of tens of thousands of Gentile German citizens.

      The terrorists were mainly Jewish, the Communist Party being entirely Jewish in it’s origins and leadership. Those Jews who were Communist were not the ‘innocent civilians’ of Germany that many people would suppose. And if you were not a Communist Jew, you could have a gun, as 150,000 Jews fought for National Socialist Germany. It was never a matter of race, but of criminal terrorist inclination. If Jews really were being unjustly treated and harmed by Hitler, then 150,000 extremely well-trained and armed Jews in the German army could have destroyed the army from within.

      Besides that, when Hitler came into power, he disarmed the police force, so as to foster better relations between the citizens and the state.

      Most people except the Communist terrorists were happy in Germany at that time, but the propaganda machine of the Jews endlessly cranks out stories of how the civilian population of Germany lived under a terrible dictatorship. You only have to see the newsreels of people cheering Hitler enthusiastically to realize the depth of Jewish propaganda in this regard.

      And Hitler never wanted war with any single country, nor did he commit any holocaust. In fact, he liberated the German people from slavery and appalling material and social conditions. However, the Jews, seeing that this National Socialist system might quickly become popular in other countries, and that they would no longer be able to use those Gentiles as their cash cow any longer through usurious fractional reserve banking, quickly sought to blacken National Socialism with every possible kind of opprobrium, and then physically annihilated as many of the German people as they could, after thoroughly vilifying Germany for no good reason at all, so that if any other country ever again emulated any of the marvelous social, spiritual, and economic reforms of Germany, they could very quickly be called ‘evil Nazis’ and similarly persecuted and destroyed.

      Germany was facing annihilation, and naturally in the face of this threat, some coordinated effort of the German people through shared discipline was vital, and in no way constituted a dictatorship. In any case, Hitler was genuinely democratically elected, so the term ‘dictatorship’ is entirely inappropriate.

      The Jewish banks militated for war against Germany through their proxy government forces, to stop German Gentiles escaping from Jewish financial slavery, so as to further Jewish plans for Judaic NWO one world government.

      It was never the case that Hitler wanted war, or that he wanted to dominate the world, or to put a ‘master race’ in control over the world; it was the Jews who wanted to do all those things, and they still do.

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