There Was A 2nd Shooter Besides Nikolas Cruz At The Florida High School?

Published on Feb 14, 2018

Alexa Miednik, a Senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida Says, THERE WAS A 2ND SHOOTER BESIDES NIKOLAS CRUZ AT THE FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL? The girl in this video apparently spoke to Nikolas Cruz after he had done the shooting, she says there were still shots being fired…

16 thoughts on “There Was A 2nd Shooter Besides Nikolas Cruz At The Florida High School?

  1. Good post galen. Looks like you are the resident mole detective on this case.
    Appreciate what you’ve brought to the table so far.

    1. Yes….. I have a few problems with this girl’s statement, too. She claims to have been walking and talking to him, but no mention of whether or not he was carrying an AR-!5, and if he was carrying it, why the statement “I thought it might have been you” when it obviously would have been him.

      If he wasn’t carrying it, where was it stashed, and how could he be calmly walking and talking to her during this event?

      I have to wonder if this story wasn’t planted in the alternative news for the purpose of discrediting it later, which will also have the effect of silencing the claims of multiple shooters in Vegas, too.

      1. Good points. We just don’t know what disinfo they’ll throw in. Main thing now is to keep eye on 2A issues and proposed bills to gun-grab.

        Just heard Trumps speech. Nothing about guns. Mostly just saying we’re here to support the families and students and to make sure they’re safe. Very generic, kinda milk-toast.


  2. My initial estimation of blondie is that she’s not being truthful. Too smiley, too giggly, and it’s not nervous laughter. Anyone else suspect attention-whorism?
    The nail in her coffin will be if she shows up on Jones’ Show.

  3. 10 yrs to the day of the NIU shooting
    My cousin was killed at the NIU shooting
    The shooters computer ,SIM card were never found .. dekalb county Sheriff dropped the case and was later promoted to a new position.
    I wasn’t awake then but my first question was who was this guy talking too .
    No doubt false flag . So was my cousins murder . Hope we can get together to find the true criminals to all these false flags
    P.s. people did die at NIU False flags don’t mean people didn’t die.

  4. I wonder what the ratio is now between these two?

    how many people killed by pigs in a year VS how many are killed in these FF, shootings at schools?

  5. I’d like to know just EXACTLY who she is for starters. Surreal and disingenuous at the least. On a lighter note, her knocking in slow motion should be a gif with a meme..

    Perhaps this will also put trumpet-blowers idea to bed that bathhouse boy was the “one” behind the other FF and hoaxes and pres cheetoh ain’t really the white knight on horseback they thought he was.

  6. Of course there was a second shooter, there is always a second shooter, probably a disgruntled FBI agent who got caught masterbating in front of a one legged Israeli midget.

  7. There is ALWAYS at least one additional shooter in false flag shootings to ensure a high death/murder count. The first shooter is the patsy and additional shooters are professional killers. This is a warning to Trump to stop interfering with deep state agenda. Recent shooting at NSA was a warning to NSA to stop cooperating with Trump. Wondering where is tipping point to turn masses against deep state.

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