47 California deputies stripped of guns after failing psych tests in wake of double slaying

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OAKLAND — The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has stripped 47 deputies — 10% of the force — of their guns and arrest powers because they failed psychological exams in the wake of a fatal double shooting allegedly committed by a former Stockton cop.

It was “horrible’’ to have to relieve the deputies of their duties, sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Ray Kelly told KTVU-TV.

The station obtained a copy of a letter notifying the deputies of their change of status last Friday. The deputies will still receive their pay and benefits.

The move came after the Sheriff’s Office conducted an internal audit of deputies’ psychological examinations from January 2016 to the present.

The letter from Sheriff Gregory Ahern notified a deputy — whose name was blacked out in the copy — that the deputy had been graded “D. Not Suited” in a psychological evaluation and under state law couldn’t serve as a peace officer.

The letter said the Sheriff’s Office had previously been operating under incorrect advice received several years ago from the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, which said it could hire candidates who received such a rating.

Ahern said the deputy can be hired if a second examination declares him or her “suitable” and the office intends to schedule an appointment for such an exam.

“Our intention is to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” Ahern wrote. “We also intend to have you return to full duty status once you obtain a ‘Suitable’ finding.”

Kelly said he hoped that the retests would occur in the next two months. The tests will be conducted by a psychologist who doesn’t work for the sheriff, he said.

The audit followed the arrest earlier this month of former Deputy Devin Williams Jr., 24, who previously served with the Stockton Police Department. He is charged with shooting and killing a couple in their Dublin, Calif., home on Sept. 7.

His mother, Anitra Williams, told KTVU-TV that her son had been in a romantic relationship with Maria Tran, one of the shooting victims, and he believed she was unmarried.

The station said four sources said Williams had failed his psychological exam, although Kelly previously said Williams, who was hired in September 2021, had passed all psychological tests.

Williams, 24, who formerly worked at the Stockton Police Department, turned himself in to law enforcement hours after he was accused in the fatal slayings.

Williams’ mother spoke with The Record in 2020 about her fears for her son while he worked as a new police officer in Stockton. She said at the time that never dissuaded Devin to enter law enforcement, but she couldn’t help but be concerned.

“I’m happy that he’s living his lifelong dream,” she said, “but I’m worried because as an off-duty serviceman, he has to carry his service weapon.”

“I worry that what if he gets pulled over and he mentions the weapon and then that moment he takes his last breath,” Williams said. “It’s the reality of having a black son.”

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, an Oakland nonprofit that deals with race and criminal justice issues, accused the Sheriff’s Office of previously turning a “blind eye” to the problem of unsuited deputies.

“This further highlights the egregious levels of dysfunction and corruption that have plagued the sheriff’s office for years,” the center’s organizing director Jose Bernal, said in a statement.

Kelly said the department has been under “enormous pressure” to hire more deputies and it was hard to find people for the tough job.

“I know that people are going to assume that all these deputies are killers,” Kelly said. “But that’s not true. This test tries to find out if you are psychologically suitable for the job, to handle all the horrible things we see. At the age of 22, sometimes you’re not. I know this isn’t good. But it’s not as bad as it sounds.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

This article originally appeared on The Record: 47 California deputies stripped of guns after failing psych tests


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  1. there’s a lot wrong with this story , but than again …it is about pigs so i guess its to be expected (unfortunately)

    1. The other 90% were at least smart enough to lie about it. It takes a large amount of depravity and ego to even want to be in lawless enforcement today. Government goons are government goons at any level of government from top to bottom. The 10 percent removed will become upper-level enforcement somewhere else. Maybe prime candidates for the IRS pigs they need for shooting folks. There will still be a place for them in lawless enforcement.

  2. How many of these So Cal deputies do they have!?? How many are cleared of wrongdoing? We Know!! And so they caught 47 They all work for the communist GOV!! … How many placed on administrative leave. They don’t understand . We are the Law. Remember to uphold it and let these fck corporate cops run away with thier tails tucked in!! YOU ARE THE LAW since Dec. 15th 1791 Uphold the Supreme Law … nothing else.

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