4th Quarter GDP Numbers In – And the Depression Continues

gdp‘The experts did not see it coming.’  Now, where have we heard this before?  Apparently the economy in the United States shrank the last quarter of 2012.  From July through September a 3.1% gain was reported.  Remember, this was the beginning of our new boom coming up on the 2012 election.  And then in the 4th quarter, BAM!, we had a negative growth of 0.1%.

Now what is wrong with this picture?  Well, coming up on the election, we hanging out here in reality tried to tell you that the GDP numbers being put out were a lie just like the unemployment numbers are a lie.  Then at that the end of the 4th quarter, the books had to be balanced.  The 4th quarter consists of October through December, you know, our harvest and Christmas season, the best our economy gets all year. 

So what really happened here is that the thieves posing as our government BORROWED our 4th quarter GDP to bolster the numbers in the 3rd quarter as a part of the propaganda to precipitate the fraud of the election.

In 2012 our economy continued to decline.  Net, more jobs were lost.  Net, more industry was moved out of our country.  Our wages shrank.  Our middle class shrank.  And another couple trillion dollars worth of our natural resources were stolen from us.

Where has all this wealth that has been lost from our country gone to? The same place it always goes, the international Zionist banking elite.  It is right now held in the bellows of the great pump known as the New York Stock Exchange.  The pump is again fully loaded and the outlet has been directed at off shore accounts around the world.  And when the diaphragm closes and the stock market dives, once again the experts will be saying, ‘We just didn’t see it coming.’

The elite are trying to hold off as long as they can, hoping more suckers in the United States will throw caution to the wind and throw their savings into the wash, thus the day’s propaganda, ‘Home prices are rising’.

Oh, yeah?  Well that is because the dollar is shrinking as $85 billion per month more is being borrowed in our great-grandchildren’s names to further inflate the bubble before it pops.  You see it takes more dollars to buy a house today than it did last month because those dollars are worth less and soon will be worthless.

We are seeing the final grabs before the collapse and anyone with an ounce of sense will empty their bank accounts forthwith and trade that worthless fiat currency into any tangible item available.  Look around you people, this is what the elite are doing, buying up precious metals and food.  Mark my words, time is growing short.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “4th Quarter GDP Numbers In – And the Depression Continues

  1. Hi Henry! I’m sorry I haven’t been around for some time. I’m in financial dire straits, so I’ve been doing whatever I can to keep a roof over my head (and failing miserably). I actually got a call from the Shoprite near my house, it was the first call I’ve had in three and half years (I haven’t had a job since August 7, 2009). The interview was the next day and went well, they want me to come back for a second interview in two weeks. If I am hired, I could get up to 20 to 25 hours a week. They told me that thanks to Obamacare, part-timers are now limited to that. Gee, with that kind of income, maybe I can afford a quarter of a tank of gasoline! Nah, that’s crazy talk, maybe an eighth of a tank………oh wait, after Obamacare taxes, I’ll probably be working pro bono. I am so tired of the waiting game now, I hope the dollar collapses tomorrow! Why? Because maybe when it does, the true revolution can start. The sooner it starts, the sooner everyone can put it behind them and get back to living, not just surviving and existing.

    1. Yea Sunfire, but I wish that the dollar would collapse tomorrow too so that we all can bet back down to business. That 1/4 tank or that 1/8 tank of gas is exactly what they want – you see Sunfire , that is what they want because that just might be a part of that plan of getting everyone healthy again, ya know walking to work and to the grocery store and all. Hey there Sunfire – GOOD LUCK ON THAT JOB PROSPECT – all the best of luck to you. I hope things start looking up for ya.

      1. Yep, anyone who has been here at the trenches knows what is coming down the pike. So many of the sheeple will never see it coming.

    2. Hi Sunfire,

      Sorry to hear of your troubles.

      Your story could be the same as any of the 100 million now unemployed.

      Good people looking,.. begging almost for a minimum wage job that couldn’t feed a parrokeet.

      This is by design, this is to reduce peoples ability for self-reliance, this is to crush peoples self-confidence, and mostly,.. to bring the masses into the gov’t loving arms.

      This is where help from friends & family starts to become critical, so I can only hope you have that to some degree.

      As for escalation of events,.. we are now in the window.

      My analysis suggests that the next few months will see dramatic events and expotential decay of systems stability,… meaning the systems,.. financial, monetary, political, legal, and others,.. will be leaving the Prolapse Phase that we are now in,.. and will be entering the exponential decay curve portion of the Catastrophic Collapse.

      Nice fancy talk for,.. things are about to go from bad to worse,.. much worse.

      Now is the time for you to talk with friends and family on how you may be able to combine resources and living conditions to so as to minimize effects on you and them, and maximize your ability to deal with the coming privations.

      Good luck,… get ready,.. the battle for our right to exist is about to start.

      JD – US Marines – Patriot Fever,… Get It!

      1. Oh trust me, I’ve been here at the trenches long enough to know what’s coming down the pike. I have a place to go to in Pennsylvania. It has land to grow crops on, plenty of deer and turkey to hunt, well water, and plenty of guns and ammo! Anyone not preparing for the storm that is about strike is a fool.

    3. I have the same feeling Sunfire. They just cut everyone full time at my workplace and now can’t make anyone go over 30 hours. Plus with Obamacare, more and more people are bitching each week as their high taxes are draining what’s left of their pay and any raise in their pay basically doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. And then there’s the infamous VTO (voluntary time off) gimmick that they use to get rid of you when business is slow for the day and even taking more pay out of your paycheck.

      I go to work saying, “I can’t wait for the collapse to come” or “Is this going to be my last day of work and the day everyone wakes up and does something about our country?” Sadly all I get is silence to my second question.

      I also told some people today at work about Obama closing our air defenses at the Southern Borders in March, allowing for an even great open invasion. However, none of them heard about this and instead of saying, “OH MY GOD! They just said, “oh well”, as if they are so used to Obama doing something horrendous that it doesn’t shock them anymore. I mean I would be furious, but it’s like their brains are so dumbdown.

      But if you mentioned the Superbowl, oh man, they are talking about beer, pizza and partying and the commericals and how it’s going to be the party of the year and their family is coming over and on and on. It’s so great to know the priorities of the sheeple in our country these days.

      Superbowl is always a perfect time for a terrorist attack but it never happens. Isn’t that strange? If you were a terrorist and wanted to make a huge statement to the world, wouldn’t you do it at the Superbowl? Yet you never hear the media mention Superbowl and Terrorist as though it doesn’t exist. It amazes me. Instead they have to encourage people to watch Madonna (last year) and Beyonce (this year) performing their Illuminati ritual dances during the Half Time Show. Of course the sheeple are completely blind to this, as always.

      This country needs a revolution, BIG TIME!

      1. I don’t follow any “sports”, especially the S(t)uperbowl. Things are going to get a whole lot worse in the coming days.

        1. Same here, which is why I mention the stupid sheeple as being the only ones to continually follow the stupidbowl as they watch their life being flushed away into the toiletbowl.

  2. Thats funny, firearns sales through the roof, holiday spending and additional holiday hires, year end business spending,,,,,,,
    And it was still negative
    Not surprising, cant wait to see what Q1 says

  3. The worldwide collapse of fiat currency has been inevitable since its unfortunate inception.The only question is what it will be replaced with.Sound money and free unregulated markets or more war and rfid chips.It would seem that those currently in charge need to be charged.I see that Germany has begun to repatriate its gold from the international central banking crime syndicate,hopefully to link its currency to gold.I’ve also read that the process could take until 2020.I guess the queen,the Rothschilds and the pope need a little time to melt down their bathtubs and toilets to meet the demand.Perhaps they will be so innovative as to replace their fixtures with paper mache’ federal reserve notes.

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