Police killed our roommate

paulieWhen our roommate and close friend Paulie was killed by Officer Heimsness, he was just trying to come home. Paulie had moved in only a few days before, and in the dark he mistook the nearly identical house two doors down for ours. Our neighbor recognized him and tried to make sure he made it home safely. His wife, unsure of what was going on, decided to call the police as a precaution. Paulie never made it home.

Officer Heimsness shot Paulie even though he was unarmed and, according to eyewitness accounts, backing away with his hands up.

We’re devastated that Paulie is dead. Then we found out that Officer Heimsness has a dangerous pattern of taking violent force too far. We don’t feel safe with Heimsness or other officers with records like his on the streets, so we started a petit ion demanding that the Madison Police Chief take Officer Heimsness off the streets and review the department’s policy on use of force.

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Paulie was one of our best friends. When he decided to move back to Madison after 8 years in New York, we were thrilled. Paulie was your go-to guy for lending a helping hand or repairing broken stuff: your car, your computer, your heart. He played music with our daughter and read to her.

Officer Heimsness ran onto the scene without identifying himself as a police officer, with his gun already drawn. Despite years of training in non-lethal tactics, he shot Paulie three times in the chest. His backup officer, by contrast, had just arrived with her Taser — not a gun — drawn.

Heimsness’ record of allegedly using excessive force stretches back to 2001. He’s apparently even gone so far as to beat one man into a bloody pulp. We don’t trust someone with this record of poor judgment to patrol the streets of Madison.

Police most effectively keep neighborhoods safe when they have the trust of those they protect. Thanks to Heimsness’ reckless actions, that trust has been seriously eroded. Megan O’Malley, our neighbor who called the police that night, told one reporter, “I feel terrible I called the police. I wouldn’t call them again.”

Please join us in calling on the Madison Police Chief to do everything in their power to take Officer Stephen Heimsness off the streets and to review the Madison Police Department’s use of force policy so no more people needlessly die at one of their officers’ hands.

Thanks for your help,

Nathan and Amelia Royko Maurer

8 thoughts on “Police killed our roommate

  1. Screw that taking that F`n pig off the force. That pig aught to be charged with murder if not 2nd degree murder. This pig has a history of excessive force going back to 2001. This swine POS deserves to go directly to prison with the general population. See why we all should not ever trust or call a damn cop!!!

  2. I wouldn’t waste my time with the farce of a judicial system we have now. They’ll run you in circles for years to no end.

    Just make sure you know where he is when the real court’s in session, and justice will be served.

    1. That is right Jollty Roger, any thing less than life in prison or a good sadistic torture killing for that POS cop would not be justice. Also don`t forget that if that pig was married and/or has kids that usualy the pigs offspring will likely grow up to be just like daddy – sad to say but most likely.

  3. These shoot first ask questions later cops are why living in the cities is becoming dangerous. This guy needs a Riker Island 15 year vacation. Jesus H Christ, shot three times for what? What the hell happened to hands behind your back and get down?

    Madison, Wisconsin? I’v e been there 20 times, place is usually quite as a mouse. Country is falling apart.

  4. Police dept’s are criminal gangs. And like gangbangers who get off on killing non-gang members because it’s proof of their dedication, cops who kill non-cops are the same. People have to start organizing. If people don’t, then the least they can do is approach the Italian Mafia and offer them protection money. Simply take it out of the taxes you pay the govt. The Mafia’s 10% would be preferable to the government’s 50%, no?

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