7 thoughts on “5 MILLION Seabirds dead in Australia, NZ beaches

    1. Impending? Infant mortality is already up more than 40% in California.

      The radiation disaster is already here, so I hope you’re on your cancer-preventive diet.

  1. Didn’t some rich sailor guy who sailed from the Phillippines or something, when he went out into the waters heading toward Austrailia past Borneo or something, see no seabirds, and almost no fish? If this is true, then it does not surprise me that Austrialia has starving sea birds. I guess we’ll be seeing that here soon as well.

  2. Yep, it sounds like that Fukushima disaster was fixed a long time ago and that we should definitely start focusing on putting solar panels on the moon. Hey, anyone up for group fishing in the Pacific next week? I hear the fish taste so good, your hair will fall out.

  3. …and as usual the so-called experts will use words like “unexplainable” or “mysterious” when describing a mass death of wildlife. Like they don’t know what’s causing it.

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