51 Flu Deaths In N. Texas: Doctors Warn People Not To Fly Because Of H1N1

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

In these newly released videos from Mary Greely we learn that there have already been 51 flu deaths in North Texas and now doctors in Texas are warning people not to fly because of H1N1 as well. While flu season doesn’t even peak until February, officials are using this opportunity to inform residents that they should soon go get vaccinated to protect themselves from H1N1. Doctors are also warning people to wear masks if they plan on flying in the upcoming days and weeks.  


One thought on “51 Flu Deaths In N. Texas: Doctors Warn People Not To Fly Because Of H1N1

  1. Wow, it’s amazing how this outbreak just happens to be around the time of flu season. Yep, just a coincidence there. Amazing how every drug store in Texas has “Get your flu shots here” signs, as well, plastered everywhere inside and outside of their store.

    Gee…you’d almost think it was planned that way in order to scare the people into taking them and helping the pharmaceutical companies make millions while you either suffer more from the after-effects or die like a lab rat.

    And when August comes around (back to school time), watch as the drug stores in Texas again (with the help of the pharmaceutical companies), have “Get your vaccination shots here” signs plastered all over the place. And don’t be too surprised if there was an unknown virus scare that just happened to be coming out at the same time that the people were scheduled to get their yearly vaccines. Yep, just another coincidence there, too, I guess.


    This whole world is one big lab rat experiment for the corporate elite and many people don’t even realize they are being experimented on. Meanwhile below the surface, they are living comfortably in their underground lairs. It’s time to load up on dynamite and bury the psychotic creatures alive.

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