6 thoughts on “7-25-2014 You Don’t Have A Right to Know Everything In a Separation of Powers Government

  1. Eleanor Norton, the congressional representative of D.C., appears to have the disease that currently afflicts all of government, that she has the power to dictate law and erase whatever parts of the constitution she wishes. She must have some very scummy things in her past to be such an easily manipulated federal sock puppet.

    1. What she fails to acknowledge, however, is that we have the right (afforded by that same Constitution) to hang her and her cronies for high treason, Enbe.

      Actually, I believe it’s more of an obligation.

  2. 1. She probably doesn’t know what a parliamentary government is. Maybe she should ask the Brits if they have the right to know everything? She might be surprised at the answer.

    2. I don’t think she even knows what form of government we have as she refuses to acknowledge that we have a Republican form of government and instead says we have a “separation of powers” government.

    WTF is a separation of powers government? That’s just a small part of our government structure, but it is not WHAT our government is called.

    3. This senile woman needs to be put in the looney bin or hung for treason with the rest of them.

    1. She’s already in that loony bin known as the so-called ‘government’, NC, so I guess that just leaves hanging.

      btw, I’m headed to the theatre in just a few minutes to go see “Lucy”. A friend saw it last night and said it was OUTSTANDING!

      1. Didn’t know it was out already. Looks good. I will wait and see when it comes out on DVD. I have a few other movies I want to catch this summer first.

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