85,000 Unemployed file for SSI Disability in June

85,000 Americans filed for SSI disability claims in the month of June.  During the same period, only 80,000 new jobs were created.  Now the neo-con elite want to attack the disability claims, saying they are yet another incentive for Americans not to go back to work.  The gall of the elite knows no bounds.  Get rid of Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare, and food stamps, and then the people will go back to work in spite of the fact that there are no jobs for them.  This is the assertion we are supposed to accept.

The standard for receiving SSI for a disability is that an insufficient number of jobs an applicant is capable of do not exist in the economy.  We all know that the majority of those who have and are being culled from the workforce are baby boomers who have worked for 20, 30, or 40 years and are now falling prey to the international villains who want to take everything that has been set aside to provide for them in the latter part of their lives, including their private savings.

It is indeed a disability to be at the high end of your pay scale for your occupation.  It is also a disability to have 30 or 40 years of work experience as you are literally overqualified for every job out there because the standard for US industrial activity has been reduced to service jobs.

I will tell you how to end this unemployment problem in the United States.  Stop the export of raw resources and institute a 100% corporate tax, said proceeds to go exclusively to pay unemployment benefits to every American willing to work up and until every American wanting to work has a living wage job.  Oh yes, and of course if the internationals try to flee with the stolen wealth they have accumulated, arrest them and seize everything they have.

We cannot continue to allow these bastards to rob and abuse us and then turn around and blame us for being robbed and abused.  Enough is enough.  Drastic times call for drastic measures.  In four more months we will be facing another winter with millions more among us competing for the ever dwindling supply of slave fodder being allotted.  Don’t just kick back and soak in the sun.  Confront the enemy, force him out in the open and then destroy him.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “85,000 Unemployed file for SSI Disability in June

  1. No jobs, no home, no welfare, no disability, no medicare, no social security, hyperinflation, no food? The “death-panel”-mobiles are standing by to help you!

  2. The situation is beyond sad. The poverty trap is not called a trap for nothing.

    When the system is so corrupt that ordinary people cannot see a future for themselves or for their children then the system must be changed.

    The system needs to be Constitutional Government and that means wealth, justice etc coming from the people up and not from the top to trickle down like feeding dogs their left over scraps.

    If you are able you must not support their system, remove your cash from their banks, buy essential items and buy barter items such as silver coins even silver quarters. Get out of the system. Without the peoples support their system will collapse.

    Did you know that 17 hens can lay in excess of 5,000 eggs a year, grow some of your own lettuce plants, grow different varieties of tomatoes, carrots can be orange, blue and red varieties, have fun getting back in touch with the earth. Share them with friends. But get the hell out of their system.

    If you are Christian then you must insist on Christian values, support Ron Paul. If you want the values that made America great support Ron Paul.

    Change the system by non support of their alien beliefs. Accept no compromise.

    Bankers, regulators, politicians, judges, lawyers will pay a great price for ignoring the people. Thy WILL be done.

    1. Hey David2: your absolutly right. If people don`t start taking matters into their own hands and let govt. take control we will be filling up those FEMA camps before ya know it. In other words, bad poor nutrition creats health problems -over weight, illness, depresion, etc. etc. You know what I mean. there is nothing worse that a bunch of depressed, sick, overweight, in denial people that are pissed off – They will act out irrationally and sometimes very violently. Especially when most of it could be very easily controled with organic food – if there is such a thing now days no matter what the lables say – a better standard of living, getting our priorities in line, living up to personal standards in stead of always trying to keep up with the joneses, and and being provided the opportunities that would benefite the individual instead of mostly the corporate america and this govt. of ours.

  3. David 2 is right about one other thing, namely , remove ALL your cash from their banks. Been there, done that. As for retirement plans, the only feasible one I can see, is us forcibly implementing their (the elite) permanent retirement plan (read lethal) to put an end to their insanity.

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