4 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow on Nebraska Caucus & Massachusetts Delegate Scandal

  1. I hate the GOP. Why can’t they at least let the democratic process proceed normally, rather than simply stealing the primary election. I can’t believe what the GOP has done here. This is disgusting. If Romney wins under these circumstances then it’s total crime.

    The GOP is going to completely fall apart if it continues acting like this.

    So what’s going to happen? Is this travesty going to stand? This is HIDEOUS. If Romney was a real man, he would step in and do the right thing and allow the properly elected delegates to go to Tampa, rather than sending those who were NOT ELECTED go to the Convention.

    What does this say about the GOP primaries in general? It says that they are nothing more than a Hoax, and a Farce. They mean nothing. They are simply a rubber stamp, validation of whatever decision the GOP leadership makes,

  2. If it weren’t for the electronic vote flipping Dr. Paul would have won almost every State at at the voting booths.

  3. You get the government you deserve folks.That`s always how it works,without exception.Time to dust of the second amendment yet?

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