9 people shot at Detroit barbershop

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At least two people have been killed and 7 others have been injured after gunfire broke out at a barbershop in the US state of Michigan.

Police spokeswoman Kelly Miner said the shooting happened at Al’s Barber Shop in the 5200 block of East Seven Mile Road near Keystone Street on Detroit’s east side around 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Police are looking for two cars, a 2004 black Chevrolet Impala and a 2004 white Chevrolet Impala, possibly with a broken window and bullet holes in the back, according to Detroit Free Press.  

Police Chief James Craig said at the scene that “suspects engaged a couple of victims” before “several shots were fired.”

“Right now the information that we have is that nine people have been shot. Of that number, we have three confirmed, pronounced (dead) at the scene. One we’re not sure of.”

Craig said all victims are male but no names have been released yet.

“I can’t even imagine what would cause this type of violence,” Craig said.

The barbershop has been known for illegal gambling, according to Craig.

“We’re not sure if this was over a bad debt. We have no idea,” Craig said. “We know it’s a barbershop and gambling has occurred in this location.”



One thought on “9 people shot at Detroit barbershop

  1. Not to make light of a solemn situation but that’s like eighteen trips to the barber shop for my old man when I was a kid because everytime he got back from a haircut he was half shot.On the other hand we should most probably all be disarmed to make it a safer world for governments and gangsters if there’s a technical difference between the two.The old man was a hell of a shot but I think he never carried a weapon to Hogan’s.[barber shop]

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