9 Ways State Governors can Push Back Against Obama’s invasion and Federal Overreach

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Let’s face facts. The Obama administration is the most lawless President in our lifetime. Barrack Obama has broken the contract with the state by refusing to protect the states from invasion under Article 4 section 4 of the US Constitution. Congress refuses to act to reign in this President over stepping his constitutional authority. There is no help coming from Washington DC.

Here is what state governors can do to protect their states from this invasion or possibly stop it:  

1. Rent on a bunch of buses and drop off these illegal aliens in front of the white house since they chanted” Obama will take care of us”

2. Quarantine and lock down these faculties where these Illegal Aliens are being housed. All Federal Law enforcement and social workers are not exempt. If these government employees are exposed to these diseases traveling with the undocumented felons. They must be isolated from the population too.

3. Lock down military bases that are housing these unaccompanied minors. No one leaves and no one enters. Use the state air guard to make sure no military aircraft leaves the base or enters the installation.

4. Order all employers to stop withholding social security from workers’ paychecks.

5 Order all businesses stop withholding federal income taxes from employee’s wages.

6. Stop sending in federal gas taxes for highway funds to Washington DC. Texas does not legally have to send gas taxes because most gasoline is taken from the ground, refined and sold right here in Texas. Gas taxes are subject to interstate commerce when it crosses state lines. Not when it is all made and sold in Texas.

The illegal aliens are bankrupting the states. The Federal government is not reimbursing the states for the cost. This is how the states can pay for the cost so they do not go bankrupt.

7. Call in your legislators for a special session to pass legislation that is necessary and proper to counter this invasion. I call for nullifying the federal “Motor Voter Laws” were people who want to register to vote must be done through the county supervisor of elections. No political party or campaigns should not be registering voters. The DMV and the Welfare office should no longer register people to vote either.

8. The only people allowed to register to vote who are not natural born Americans are those who completed the naturalization process and took an oath of allegiance who been in the United States for seven years or more.

9 Make it mandatory everyone who goes to vote must show a photo ID. Tell Eric Holder and his minions to shove it.

The White House has gone lawless violating the contract with the states putting. This administration has put the people at risk with violent criminals and carriers of diseases hard to cure and expensive to treat.

The President is so bold and arrogant disregarding the law. The state should ignore his decrees and executive orders since they violate the 9th and 10th amendments of the bill of rights.

The states need to be more bold and brazen. The governors must cave in to intimidation or threats of losing federal funding or being arrested from the thug in the White House, It is time the state push back every way they can. Even when there might be a confrontation. The States and the people must stand their ground.

Resistance is not only victory. It is contagious lighting the fires in people’s hearts against tyranny. Governors stop selling out and start standing up.


5 thoughts on “9 Ways State Governors can Push Back Against Obama’s invasion and Federal Overreach

  1. “Governors stop selling out and start standing up.”

    They can’t. They’ve ALL got dirty hands, and NWO has the evidence safely tucked away.

  2. 9 Ways? WTF?

    I got ONE way and it’s the ONLY way. Stop beating around the bush and arrest the son of a bitch and his Federal cohorts and hang them all for high treason. Problem solved! Period! End of story! It’s that simple, people. It’s called ENFORCING THE DAMN LAW!

  3. I think this was stated on the show today. It can not be done until the “duel citizen government” is out. Period.

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