9,000 Chinese Paid At Least $500,000 Last Year To Live In The US


Every year, about more than 9.2 million people from around the world enter America’s Green Card lottery. If they are one of about 50,000 names picked at random, they get a free pass to legally resettle in the U.S. But there’s also another way to get the doors to the U.S. to open: cough up half-a-million dollars. And the Chinese are taking full advantage of it.

More than 9,000 Chinese immigrants basically bought their way into America last year. Chinese citizens were issued roughly 40 times more investor visas (also known as EB-5 visas) than any other country. South Korea was second, with just 225 immigrant investor visas. Five countries — China, South Korea, Vietnam, China (Taiwan-born) and Mexico — accounted for a staggering 90 percent of all investor visas issued in 2014, according to the U.S. Department of State.  

So how do people qualify for these? Without borrowing any money, foreign nationals have to invest a minimum of a million dollars in the United States, or $500,000 in a high-unemployment, rural area. People who qualify for EB-5 visas do face regular evaluations and must meet certain job creation and investment requirements, but they do get a pretty good head start on the path to full citizenship if they meet the conditions of the visa.


5 thoughts on “9,000 Chinese Paid At Least $500,000 Last Year To Live In The US

  1. The only job creation the Chinese make are the ones they give to the illegal Mexicans (that they page slave labor wages to) or the Chinese that they bring in on work visas by saying they don’t have “qualified” people to work in their jobs and in which case, they save a bunch of money for themselves (since the only thing those stingy Chinese businessmen care about is more money for themselves and no one else) and the American people get absolutely nothing and everything stolen from them.

    Basically, they are buying out America and our foreign government in occupation is giving it to them as long as they are paid money to help fund the Zionist elite and their wars. Pure Communism as it is basically just a transfer of wealth and money right across the board.

  2. Apparently, it is for sale, #1. They sold it to the zionists years ago. My first comment was meant as sarcasm. I should have said so.

    1. I got that.

      My point was the so-called ‘government’ believes they can ‘sell’ things they don’t actually own… such as our land, water, citizenship, etc.

      Not theirs to sell. Period.

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