5 thoughts on “911 Caller With Gun in Home Invasion – Must Listen

  1. That 911 operator should’ve been saying “ok, you do have a gun? Well is it loaded? Ok please make sure the safety is off and be prepared for him to break the door down. Make sure you have the gun aimed towards the door with your finger on the trigger. Be prepared to open fire on him immediately, as soon as you see him. Aim for the center of his chest and fire away.”. That man should’ve never even got his hands around her neck. But all in all good for her for defending herself and thank god she has a true friend who gave her that gun. I bet she owns a firearm now and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a well armed, well trained gun owner. It really is the ultimate equalizer.

  2. Hell, shoot that F`ers balls off and then if he lives tattoo on his forehead I am a theif and a rapist. Let big bubba take care of that punk in prison and that tattoo would sure make life hard for him in prison or on the streets.

  3. The 9-11 operator informed the cops that she had a gun. Once they knew that they probably waited around the corner until they heard the gunshots.

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