0 thoughts on “9/11 Street Poll on WTC Building 7 at UT Campus – Special Report

  1. I remember that. The structure of Bldg. 7 (I forget the name of the bldg.) was deemed unsafe and it was brought down. They figured it would be better to control it than let it happen on it’s own and possibly injure/kill responders to the main site. It was something that was mentioned briefly on the local news. There’s absolutely no doubt that it was intentionally brought down.

    1. That’s all fine and dandy, but it takes weeks to properly place the explosives correctly and properly prepare for a demo of this size, not just a couple of hours. There is no way on Gods green earth, this could have been done in that short amount of time, properly and safely. No insurance agency on planet earth would have allowed such a fast paced demolition , they wouldn’t have taken that chance.

      The owner of that building, Larry Silverstein was shilling the big lie, when admitting to that BS.

          1. 🙂 Thanks for posting that for everyone. I’ve talked to many of the guys who were down there and been aware since day one. There are also reports from truckers, crossing the GW Bridge, who picked up air traffic frequencies and heard some very interesting things from Our Air Force pilots in the air. All of it hushed up and brushed off as Conspiracy Theory. I learned about it through radio call ins and some of their friends and family members in whom they confided. When they called Authorities to report what they had heard, they were intimidated into shutting up.

  2. There i s no logical doubt,nor any doubt whatsoever,the 3 towers were taken down by controllled demolition.The pentagon as well.We lost the Fourth amendment over the anger and fear that ensued.Does anyone think it is a coincidence that no aircraft carriers were at PearlHarbor or that Clinton’s hero,F.D.R. had family members directly tied to the Fed?

  3. The Pentagon was not taken down by controlled demolition however the part that was hit was conveniently under new construction at that very time.Construction of massive steel beams to contain the impact of a huge airplane.Those killed at the Pentagon were intentionally marked for death.

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