Ignorance Reflecting from the Pools at Ground Zero

The mainstream propaganda machine is in overdrive putting forth a monumental effort to instill the lie of 9/11 into the history books.  $700 million spent on 8 acres of reflecting pools while the first responders are being denied health care.   9/11 happened a decade ago, that is 10 years for you mentally challenged out there.

I’ll tell you what I am reflecting on today – the Patriot Act that suspended our Constitutional Rights; the $1 trillion spent on creating and maintaining the Department of Homeland Security which equates to the United States KGB; $4 trillion spent on wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq; more than a million Middle Eastern men, women, and children murdered who didn’t have a goddamn thing to do with 9/11; 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by the United States CIA and Israeli Mossad, designed to perpetuate the destruction of the United States by insurgents within; and this whole 10th Anniversary circus which is costing hundreds of millions of dollars is nothing more than the conspirators coming out in front of God and everybody to proclaim that they got away with it.

I watched the clip of George Bush placing a wreath in front of the section of the Pentagon where the missile he ordered fired struck.  It makes no difference that the majority of the people in this country know that 9/11 was a false flag event perpetrated as a pretext to an attack on our Constitution and foreign invasions designed to open the Middle East up for Israeli conquest.  It doesn’t matter that the official story for the collapse of the Twin Towers defies the laws of physics.  It doesn’t matter that there were numerous witnesses who came forth and testified that bombs were going off in those buildings before the planes hit.  It doesn’t’ matter that the first responders were not invited to the grand fraud celebration as they have spoken out to the truth of what happened that day.

You out there who are buying into this lie in the smallest way are memorializing nothing more than your own stupidity.  You are the few, and as has been the case too many times in this country, the many are living with the results of your stupidity.  It has been proven that Pearl Harbor was staged and still people throughout this country continue to parrot the lie of a surprise attack by the Japanese.

For the past ten years we have been living without the benefit of our Constitutional Rights.  When we the people take this country back and put forth the evidence of the treachery of 9/11 and force the acceptance of the truth, what shall be the penalty met out to those who supported the injunction on our rights?  At the very least I don’t want you to ever vote again and it would not be unjust to exile you from the shores of our country.

This 9/11 commemorative memorial celebration is goofy in the face of the facts.  And goddamn every one of you out there who allows your reality to be orchestrated by the enemies of our country, because you are too damn lazy or cowardly to think for yourselves.  We are going to take this country back in spite of you and your names are going to go down in infamy as the cowardly morons you are and your progeny, if we allow your DNA to stay in this country, are going to know exactly how stupid you were and how your stupidity caused the thinking people in this country to suffer.

So go and reflect on that, I’m going to go puke.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. That’s what I’m reflecting on too, Henry. Right now, the only word I can find for this weekend’s fiasco is, Disgusting. While the media has been force feeding us the Grand Pity Party and telling us this is a time to reflect and show respect, this City is Celebrating! Last night we had everything from Brass Bands playing to the wee hours of the night in the Streets to a half hour Fireworks Show in the lower Hudson River. I could see both Ground Zero and the Show from my roof (where I watched the towers fall). Like the Fourth of July, the echos of the fireworks, off the buildings, was deafening and shook the neighborhood. What idiot came up with that bright idea at a time like this? What exactly are they Celebrating? Death? War? Success of their Grand Lie? Whatever, it shows absolute disrespect and dishonor. Disgusting! Excuse me, it’s my turn to go puke.

    1. Mark and Henry, on my MSN home page, there’s been nothing but one slide show after the other, with almost the feeling of celebrating that horrible day. I read Angel’s post about the big party in New York. Disgusting !

      1. Same with my home page Clark. Nothing but mind numbing BS. Mainstream media run amok. All day long. But will the jets win? That’s the big question!

  2. mark those are some amazing videos the one with the ufo really got me people said they saw a disc flying around at the time of the impacts everytime there is a catastrofic event these objects appear and the missle hitting the pentagon looks pretty real to me i have to admit yesterday made my stomach turn with bush and obama i honestly believe bush was totally behind all of this so he could get ellected again watching the american flag in every stadium was a bit much i honestly have no respect in are flag anymore i speaking for myself feel like a man without a country

    1. Brian Sargeant-

      Hollywood couldn’t have done a better job. Israel and the CIA thought they pulled it off. Not this time.

      1. thats the damm truth i hope there is an uprising soon the longer we wait the more stronger there getting america needs to wake the fuck up and just by watching the spectacle on the tv saids it all america is full of morons

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