99er Tier 5 Unemployment Extension – Reality Check

When I lost my last job and had to go onto unemployment there was no sense of panic.  I had survived a couple of recessions already and was confident I could once again rise from the ashes and rebuild.  I am a member of the Patriot Community.  When the unemployment ran out and I found the 99ers on the web, I said to myself, here is a great potential for fixing what had become broken in our country.

I regularly talk to other patriots who seemed reluctant to embrace the 99ers.  It was my belief at the time that the 99ers were intelligent people who simply lacked understanding.  My brethren in the patriot community were indicating that the 99ers were not only uneducated, but lazy to the point that they would lay around and wait for the socialists to take over and gladly join with them for food rations and accommodations in a tent city.

I know the patriot movement is absolute in the assertion that rioting and wanton destruction of private property for no other reason than the ushering in of socialism is not going to be allowed.  You can say what you want but you better believe these people are serious.

The following is a speech I made to my brothers in arms via The Intelligence Report on www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com August 27, 2010.  You can listen to it here, intel.militias.info/2010/TheIntelligenceReport. if you doubt the truth of what I am telling you.

I agree, divisiveness is counterproductive and dangerous, and there is divisiveness developing which threatens to deliver to the new world order its wet dream:  Americans killing Americans by the millions.

Through the 80’s and into the 90’s the actors occupying our seats of power and those aspiring to do so have gradually taken the conception of reality to the point that the poor do not exist when spouting their lies to the public.  They no longer address the poor and are addressing the middle class less every day in favor of small business owners which are being calculated at those making 100 million dollars a year.  This is occurring for two reasons.   Political power being as one with wealth, the poor are disenfranchised as they possess little or no wealth.  The new world order cares not what our poor know or say as they haven’t the resource to challenge the voter fraud that has silenced their voices nor the corporate fraud that has literally enslaved them unto the system.   They know their rights have been taken from them though far too few know how or to what end.  It is not that they are unintelligent it is just that they are scared stupid.

Check out the 99ers websites and blogs.  It is admitted that 8 million workers have lost their jobs.  In truth I believe that that number is 20 to 30 million through NAFTA, GAFT, outsourcing, and a deliberate destruction of our industry.  Now if 2 out of 10 are able and willing to fight, that is 4 to 6 million men.  That, sir, is an army and this number grows literally day to day.  The main stream press tells us we are losing more than 400,000 jobs per week.  However the unemployment rate they say stands at 9.5%.  Logic then dictates that more than 400,000 workers are losing their unemployment benefits per week and are no longer being counted as unemployed.

For the past few months I have been going to the 99ers sites and blogs and am disgusted by the apathy I find.  I have confronted the apathy with the truth.  I tell them how they have been sold out by those they believe to represent them.  I tell them that this country belonged to them and that they will have to fight to get it back.  I tell them to seek out local militia and I tell them to go to Liberty Tree Radio to seek out solutions.  However I do not believe that I am the right man to be approaching these people as apathy and cowardice enrages me.  I believe I scare many of them.  I don’t know.  I do know that apathy leads to flight or fight and you know there’s nowhere to run.  When these millions are forced to fight they will probably lose 500,000 to a million during their on the job training in guerilla warfare tactics.  Those left will be the strongest of the strong and the meanest of the mean.  Men with nothing to lose, and there is nothing on this Earth more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose.

I have not only been attempting to communicate with the 99ers online but also on the street. One, two, or ten that I have sent to Liberty Tree Radio for education and advise have come back to me to tell me that they do not have 2 to 5 thousand dollars to equip themselves let alone resources for training.  I know what you are going to say, they should have been aware, it’s their fault, tough luck, give them a butter knife.  However on the other hand, the moneyed people whom you direct to sites and businesses so that they can hurry to get up to speed were just as unaware.  The difference being the poor man is unaware because he was working two jobs seven day a week trying to support his family.  The moneyed man on the other hand was unaware because he was spending his spare time going on vacations to Hawaii or participating in bass tournaments.

As it always is the poor will have to be the first to fight for their lives and by the time they have reached that point it will no longer be a matter of redress but one of revenge.  As I said they will lose 500,000 to a million brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and children arming themselves and learning to fight.  But there will be millions left hell bent on that French-style revolution.  How many of the militia are you willing to lose killing your own people trying to stop them?  If you think I am wrong in my analogy of the situation you are as out of touch with the reality of the present suffering of the poor as are our enemies.  We must attempt to find a way to bring the poor and disenfranchised into the fold.  No matter how impossible the task may seem.  If we do not, what should be a revolution for the righteous cause of the restitution of our constitutional republic will turn into a civil war pitting the rich against the poor before you can say don’t do it.

These words were directed at Mark Koernke, probably the most successful militia organizer of his day.  His response was stern in that there is not going to be a French style revolution in this country as the militias will do what is necessary to prevent it.  Beyond that he expressed doubt that the 99ers and unemployed could be educated and organized.  However he did not refuse the idea of at least trying.

The Intelligence Report shows for the next week were all geared to the concept of preparing to fight on the cheap with the assertion at every instance that nothing he was proposing could be accomplished without work.  Preparing for a war is labor intensive and Koernke’s words cannot be dismissed as for the past twenty years he has devoted his time and energy to preparing those who are willing to do the work to fight a war for the restitution of our Constitution and rights.

It was a couple of weeks after delivering the above report that I was contacted by World News Heard Now and asked if I would be interested in writing articles on the plight of the 99ers from a 99ers point of view.  I reckoned that contrary to my statements in the report, I must be the right man for the job.

When I first started writing the articles I paid special attention to their content in putting forth a wide range of views.  I did this for the purpose of finding out how the 99ers were thinking.  After I believed I had acquired a basic understanding of the people I was trying to communicate with, I began interjecting ideas for solutions, all along making clear that I believed that a shooting war was inevitable.

I saw successes, but as there are conceivably 20 million unemployed out there, I could not understand why the numbers of those willing to do something were so low.  I noticed the emergence of the 99ers Union that was offering results with very little work and no risk.  As I have been fighting the international corporate mafia for more than twenty years I knew that this approach had already been tried and had failed.  Not to mention the fact that the Union is socialist in nature.  I will never accept socialism as a remedy for any of my problems and I sure as hell will not fight to advance it in any way.

A few weeks ago one of our compatriots, Barbara from Georgia, suggested she would like to begin organizing.  I was encouraged in seeing someone besides myself ready to do some work.  Barbara suggested that if there was a website where organizing could be accomplished she could begin work.  I suggested that she build a website to which she responded she did not have the skills or know how to do so.

I too had never built a website but like so many jobs I have tackled in my life, I just took the attitude that I am going to do it because it has to be done.  About a week later From the Trenches World Report came online.  I will in no way take the credit as it was my wife here, and one of my sons, who lives in another state, that are responsible for it coming to be.

When the site took root I was encouraged to see people like Mark S from Nevada step up and actually begin to build on the site.  I still see a great potential here, but I also see a problem.  Barbara pointed out that she had been going to websites all over the net and trying to bring other 99ers into the fold.  She could not understand why the response had been so low.  I would like to think that the word just hasn’t spread that far yet but I know that Barbara is not the only one that has been surfing the net and spreading the word.

This brings me back to the words of Mark Koernke, who said the 99ers could be brought into the fold but that they would have to make sacrifices and do the work to do so.  I get up every day at five o’clock in the morning.  For the past two years I have not been getting up to go to a job, but I do get up and go to work.  I have worked all my life as far back as I can remember.  If I was not occupied in a task I think I would lose the will to live.

My task has been, since becoming unemployed, working the problem of no work.  If I can find nothing to do that will lead me closer to a position wherein I can make money I spend the day cleaning guns, sharpening knives, preparing foods for canning, drying, and storage, growing a garden, harvesting the land, or putting my vehicles in better shape.  The point is I am not lazy.

So now I have to wonder about the fact that although there are twenty million unemployed out there, there are only handfuls that have stepped up and said they are ready to do what is necessary.

I say there are only four eventualities.  1. I believe there are 99ers out there who think that if they just wait, there so called representatives in this fraudulent government are just going to give them what they need.  2. They have latched onto organizations like the 99er Union who purport socialism as a safe way to get a handout from the government.  3. They are just too afraid to be associated with people who are talking about forceful change.  4. They are just plain lazy.

I’m going to keep this site up for a while, as I will not disappoint those who have stepped up to try to make a difference.  Maybe by January the 99ers will see the futility in waiting for others to take care of them and will come to the realization that nobody takes care of you in this big bad world but you.  We can maximize the effect each one of us has by acting in unison but in war when it comes down to the fighting and dying, well let’s just say this is the ultimate in individual achievement.

Those of you waiting to see how things will turn out, I tell you that the aforementioned Intelligence report contains a reality that could very well come to be if good men and women continue to do nothing, whatever the reason.

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  1. The word is getting out Henry, guys like you are giving us strength. I was a little shaky getting involved as I have, your leadership through all of this gave me strength to keep going. All I can say is thanks for the guidance and support.

    I believe that your words are read by thousands and are not going unnoticed. New energy is evolving daily for new support for the 99er’s. I don’t think I have to draw you a picture why.

  2. Henry, I’m female, 60, tough as nails, and not afraid to fight. I’m new to your sight, and so grateful for such strength being shown, by you. We have been duped by our ‘leaders’ who deserve to be caught, exposed and punished severely. You, and others like you…now even Wikileaks strongman, are showing us we must take a stand, immediately.

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