Tier 5 Unemployed Be Among the Patriots

I often wonder what our forefathers would think if they could see what we have allowed the great Republic that they gave us to become.  I try to imagine what was going through the mind of the average militia man who was waiting at Lexington and Concord for the British troops who were coming to confiscate their weapons.  I have to believe there had to be both an element of fear and anger as they were facing down the most powerful army in the world.  When the king’s forces reached Lexington the minutemen stepped up, muskets in hand, prepared to die and some did.

The British did manage to confiscate the weaponry from the armory in Concord but by the time they had, news had already spread down their path of retreat clear to Boston.  When the citizens who lived along that path learned of the deaths of the militia men at Lexington and Concord, they poured out of their houses, guns in hand.  The British were decimated every inch of the way back to their base, and that night Rebel cannon reigned death from the hills around Boston.

Who among you can look back on this event and not feel a singular pride in being an American?  From that first battle in the Revolution America grew strong.  Our people have shown bravery and an unwavering resolve in every conflict we have been involved in.

So why can’t we seem to come together to deal with the current threat to our Constitution and our county’s sovereignty?  I’ll tell you why.  Those who are intent on conquering us started thirty years ago, dumbing us down by erasing our history, and thus our national identity, through the public school system.  In the public schools of today 60% of the children are being drugged and are receiving hours of brainwashing five days a week, nine months every year.

I personally grew up free of government drugs and was taught real American history.  I believe that is why I cannot accept the lack of patriotism I see around me.  It has always been common in middle and high school to have fist fights in the spring time.  This is nature.  It is my understanding that even in this little town I live in the police are now being called any time a fight occurs and the participants are facing criminal charges.  And we wonder why our people seem to be getting weaker every generation.

It is time for us to take control of our children back.  Get them off the government medications and return them to reality.  We must let the international corporate mafia know that our children will not be their slaves.

We also must find our own courage.  We all need to look back to that day in Lexington and Concord and examine it over and over until we can come to the realization that our forefathers were people just like us.  They did not want to die, be maimed, or injured.  When they walked out on the Green, it had to be going through their mind as to what might happen to their families and loved ones if they fell.

In the end I believe it came down to them trusting their fellow Americans to finish the fight and secure a future for their progeny free of the oppressions of a king.  The Americans did rise to the occasion and threw off the tyrant and indeed made themselves equal to the crowned heads of Europe.   Never before or ever since have people elevated themselves to the level of kings.  Our forefathers did and now the crowned heads of Europe have come back to attempt to nullify our status.

Thus, I guess it’s time for another round so all of you out there contemplate your heritage and decide who among you will be among the patriots.  And remember, this is not just about you; it is about your children’s and grandchildren’s future.

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