99ers and HR 589 Supporters "Great News" on Unemployment

The propaganda machine was forced to shift out of 9/11-happened-yesterday mode as the “official” unemployment rates rose to 9% in light of 474,000 new jobless claims last week.  And believe it or not they are trying to say that the unemployment situation is actually looking up.  Because, they say, 244,000 jobs were added last month by the private sector. 

This 244,000 number is put out by the big business corporate lying scum that are thriving right now.  Of course the number is a lie as even the phony numbers put out by our so called government show no new jobs.  And remember this 244,000 is supposed to be for an entire month, while the 474,000 represents a single week.

I’m going to tell you a little secret about the month of April and that is we should have seen a large drop in the unemployment numbers.  April is the month that many go to work seasonally in preparing taxes.  It is also the month that we plow our fields and plant our seeds. 

No, these new numbers are bad.  Those who are still fortunate enough to be working are seeing their wages being reduced daily with the rise in the cost of living.  Those on the edge of the bottom side of the middle class are slowly but surely being pushed into the ranks of the working poor.  All this as there are new calls to cut food stamps. 

I heard that fat ass dirt bag, Andrew Napolitano suggest that food stamps encourage people not to work.  Remember that is what they are saying about unemployment benefits too.  The fact is many families with both parents working, are forced to get food stamps as the substandard wages they are working for are not even enough to pay for their basic necessities.  This includes people serving in our military. 

Napolitano went on to say that if food stamps were taken away it would force people to go to work.  This is such an outrage considering there are no jobs.  What Napolitano wants to tell the poor people who don’t even have enough to eat at present, is get a job or starve to death.  The poor person says, “There are no jobs.”  Napolitano says, “Well then starve to death.  We are taking your food money and we are going to give it to the corporate elite so they can use it to employ more slaves overseas, which will get rid of more American jobs, which will make more poor people who can starve to death because there are no jobs.”

These dirty low down bastards have got to be taken to task.  When you see these so called experts in the mainstream media trying to tell you that 15% unemployment is a good thing, look at them for exactly what they are, as the majority just walked out of a corporate board room.  These are not reporters.  They are the press agents of the corporate elite.  They not only do not care what happens to you, but they hate you for continuing to exist as you represent a problem in their living a care free and gluttonous life.  And I mean every one of us is a problem.

Middle class, the wage you are earning in comparison to what they could have the work done in India and China is a problem.  Small business owner, the wealth you acquire that could be theirs if they took over your business and moved it overseas is a problem.  They consider we the American people a problem and a detriment to their absolute implementation of a slave system, wherein we are the slaves and they are the masters.

I say this is a good summer to take our country back, starting with our $26 trillion they stole and the punishment of those who took it.  I don’t think we should allow them to be deported until they have done a minimum of 3 years hard labor, busting rock with a sledge hammer at a gravel quarry.  This is what needs to happen to them.  They need to be made to know what human misery feels like before we send them on a slow barge to the third world where the people there, that they have starved and oppressed, can exact their own justice.

Come together my fellow Americans.  Let’s show these pencil neck wannabe tyrants what we are made of. 

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I applaud people that write articles like this and I agree that people in Washington don’t care about all of us that are not working, we have to do something about this, but I wish I knew a plan

  2. We better do something this summer, because if we don’t , it’s going to be a KILLER winter.

  3. These people are a bunch of stupid bastards. Food Stamps!! Who wants Food Stamps for god sakes. When I pay for my food using the EBT card I am so embarassed that I look both ways while using it. I hope in vain that the cashier doesn’t notice, of course they always do!
    Andrew Napolitano thinks that food stamps make people not want to look for work! It’s quite the opposite. You realize how far you have fallen and everytime you go shopping so does everyone else. Who wants to travel, eat at fine restaurants, go to plays, concerts etc. when you have Food Stamps! LOL This would be the mentality of a dog of which we are now classified as. Where are the jobs Mr. Napolitano, you embecile? Where is our revolution! We need to get rid of these stupid bastards ASAP!

    1. The first time I used my EBT card (2months ago) the cashier did’nt know what it was, as the line backed up everyone was looking at me like I was up to some kind of fraud and they were irritated with me. Finally she put the blinking light on to get a manager over, I just hung my head down feeling like a low-life looser as people staired at me in disgust. Now when I shop, I hold the card up in the air for everyone to see and I loudly state “THIS IN AN EBT CARD!” F–EM!

  4. Everyday there is some stupidity that spews out of the politicians/medias mouths. All I can say anymore is UGH.

    Makes my head spin and of course it always comes from those that have and refuse to give to the have nots.

  5. This is not great news. You guys wanna know what’s great news? Great news is if they was 2 pass h.r 589 . That’s great news.. Seriously

    THERE IS NO WHERE TO HIDE O B U M A. YOU 1 TERM FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Great article Henry. I tell you now we had better get a plan and set it in motion very soon. Where is everyone? I have sent thousands to this site and still our numbers are low. Has everyone just given up? If so, then we need to start the fireworks. I have not given up but everyone I know that use to have a job just doesn’t seem to care. Most have lost their homes and still they will do nothing to help themselves. When I speak with them which is less and less, they tell me “I don’t see you doing anything to make it better”, nothing has worked for you so why should we bother. “All the time you spend on the computer has not made a bit of difference”. We do not need that kind of attitude. What is it going to take? Does anyone know how to make the American people care? We have not been defeated and I for one am not going to lay down and continue to let them abuse me. I am ready for anything. Please guys spread the word everywhere you can post it. Let’s get busy and really make a difference. Do not give up. Thank you Henry for all you do for us and when we get this thing going it will be because of you. My prayers are with you all.

  8. Henry, Great article and very well written I might add!
    I have a plan. Although I’m sure this plan will fly like a lead balloon considering those who vote for it will be out of a job. (I personally do not have a problem with that).

    Let’s propose “HR 86”. As most of us know what the number “86” means, (to remove or get the HELL out)! Term limits must be a priority. The longer senators & congressmen stay in office the less they represent the American people. Serving congress should be an honor not a career. Push HR86.

    1. I just checked and HR86 is already assigned to some tax bill.
      Regardless, let’s push for term limitations. The bill number doesn’t have to be cute.

  9. We must bombard all the news media everyday constantly until they ask the politicians the easy questions to get the tough answers. They must be accountable for running the country. You must contact CNN, Foxnews, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR and many more sites/stations AND GET THEM TO ASK THESE POLITICIANS NOW why they are ignoring the real problems that are hurting this country. The politicians work for us and we should demand the help that is necessary to preserve our homes, and families, from their poor management. Call them, email them and fill out the forms everyday and lets open this can of worms to the public. CNN alone has about 25 contacts and it’s easy to duplicate your efforts using the browser tricks. DO IT NOW!!!

  10. There has not been one representative of the citizens of America from the villiage, the town, the city, the state or the federal level that has addressed the issue of the outsourcing of jobs and the real cost of this pratice to the American way of life. This is treason and is and will lead to the destruction of the greatest nation on earth.

  11. The situation with the numbers just kills me! Some of the people still out there working are oblivious to what is happening. I know some of them know exactly what is happening, but I wonder how many. My experience is limited to the people that are immediately around me. It’s a sad situation.

  12. their are many people out of work here in wi. but they have given up and are not filing. not helping when the % come out. Feds, & State fig; you r not filing you must have a job. alot of false #’s out their.

  13. O.K. To all you 99ers…..if you still have an address come election time…..vote EVERYBODY that is in OUT. From O bama down. Everyone. In the mean time, make as much noise as you can to your representative. By 2012 the 99ers will be a sizable voting block. Unite!

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