99ers and HR 589 Supporters Put on the Back Back Back Burner

The mainstream propagandists are finding themselves on the ropes as more and more citizens are seeing them for what they truly are.  Glenn Beck will soon be leaving FOX News and David Rockefeller is saying MSNBC, FOX News, and FOX Business News need to be shut down.   So why would a corporate elitist like Rockefeller want these networks shut down?  Simple, the mainstream networks are being forced to include more of the truth in their propaganda mix in an effort to maintain some credibility as they are losing the information war to the internet.

And today we find out via an article by Kurt Nimmo of prisonplanet.com that Obama has been paying hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to so called journalists to push Obamacare through their propaganda.  The money is apparently coming from a $5 billion federal grant fund labeled as Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP).

Another slap in the face for us 99ers. 

The bottom line is the mainstream media has wandered so far down the path of incredibility that they have passed the point of no return.  They are caught in the ultimate conundrum as the lies they have perpetrated for their corporate masters are being made impotent by the truth which is just a mouse click away.

John Boehner, in his pursuit of his elite masters’ agenda, has canceled the meeting with Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott in reference to HR 589.  The meeting is supposed to be rescheduled for next week; I guess that is if the government isn’t shut down.  The fact is a matter like the plight of millions of 99ers is too insignificant for any of the politicians to go very far out of their way in lending it lip service.

Alex Jones, speaking on his broadcast said that his site was being attacked by government and corporate spammers (trolls) trying to divide his listeners against one another.  He said these people are working for and being paid by the political parties and corporations. 

We have been fighting the same thing here on From the Trenches.  These attacks are methodical and definitely professional.  When you get a troll that is just some a-hole trying to amuse himself and you remove him from the site you always get one or two more messages that are so profane that you can tell that they are nothing more than the ravings of an idiot.

These professional trolls come at you with three or four different names using the same IP and are subtle in their design.  I guess they figure that at the least they keep one person busy just keeping them off of the site.  But there is a good side to this and that is that they definitely see us as a threat.

The people writing and commenting on From the Trenches are reaching people by the thousands every day, and in another six months it will be by the tens of thousands every day, and by the 2012 elections by the hundreds of thousands every day.   

Many in the power structure are now pushing for draconian restrictions on the internet, calling for those who speak out in opposition to the traitors in our government to be jailed and or fined.  I say bring it on as we will not stop and in fact will continue to up the ante at every opportunity.

Donald Trump has been getting his ugly face on every propaganda station in an attempt to sell the American people on the idea that we should replace our south Chicago gangster, Barry Soetoro, with an ultra elitist CEO.  Donald Trump is a fraud and a phony and I would give up a year of my life to square off with him, slap him down, and make him eat that rat he wears on his head.  His only purpose is to, if necessary, step in in the early stages of the election campaigns to draw attention away from candidates like Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura. 

He has been talking about government waste and outsourcing of jobs and the threat China poses like he just discovered uranium and is letting the rest of us know.  I tell you what, Donald, you are not fooling anyone.  Over the span of your thieving screwing career, I have no doubt your secret portfolio contains deals you have been a part of that makes you as guilty as anyone out there.

 In short you are not going to have any more luck than your counterparts, the government trolls, are in trying to divide the people.  We are coming together. 

The 99ers, all unemployed, all poor, and middle class, red, yellow, black, and white, Americans united for the sole purpose of driving you and  your elitists buddies into the sea and reclaiming our county.

God bless the republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers and HR 589 Supporters Put on the Back Back Back Burner

  1. Corrupted traitor politicians have become the new “Domestic Terrorists “… We must act now because our government is blacking out media and the real Internet news. This is a protesting idea we all should work on. It will take some motivation, effort and support from the public though. Everyone nation wide organize protesters by state and counties to protest/march to your local downtown government or political office the public majority has agreed on. Then pick a day nation wide all citizens will march/meet like Jan1, 2012, or something to show we are taking back our country for the New Year. For citizens without cars or money or if you’d rather support public transportation… Organize gently with public transportation workers and operators working all railways, buses, and air transportation to look the other way to allow all USMOA citizen volunteers a free/commandeered transport to and from rally points for the day to support the take back of the U.S.A by the people to save us all. Basically the USMOA citizens all at once on a day must commandeer all public transportation lines to support our cause as a federal emergency act to restore order in our government to save lives. Taking back our country starts is here pass-it on!

    Support yourself & countrymen at http://usmoa.org/

    1. I think it is high time to act against this government who have become trators to the very heart of our way of life. Count me in. When our lawmakers turn their back on WE THE PEOPLE we need them nomore.

  2. All this CRAP over the gov shutdown is simply a dog and pony show to distract us from what is REALLY happening in Libya. The US STILL HAS NOT managed to Stand Down from the LEAD Roll (watch the crawls on the bottom of the news casts as every other day they report that NATO has postponed the stand down by 48 more hours. We have already spent more on Libya than it would have cosy to implement an entire NEW TIER of benefits for ALL 99ers of over 20 weeks.

    WAKE UP America and take to the streets !!!!!

  3. What a sad state of affairs this has all come too.

    CNN talking 24/7 about Libya, (now we are talking about boots on the ground), MSNBC to liberal for me and then “Ah Yes”, Faux news. Now we get to contend with talking head Trump.

    I don’t think the current 99ers or those millions about to become 99ers this year will get their day in court. I am saddened that our own government let alone our own citizens don’t care about our plight. Should be a simple yes or no regarding benefits so, ppl can make plans for their dark future ahead. The plan all along was to devert attention so, they didn’t have to deal with it any longer and per Obama the economy is just booming. Neither side has a plan to job creation and never did.

    Makes sense that media is not talking about the unemployed/99ers/underemployed or homeless, they go to the side that butters their bread.

    Maybe this is governments over population solution.

  4. The problem is only exacerbated by comments that sound an awful like Americans are giving up. WHERE IS YOUR FIGHTING SPIRIT????? Make it HAPPEN!!! JUST One Week of MASSIVE protests in the streets of America would have such a terrible effect on Wall Street that the BIG BANKERS will call their employees (All of Congress) immediately to DEMAND they give us what we need NOW so they can stop bleeding money! After all, it is only 16 billion dollars for HR 589 and a week of the type of Wall Street dips American Unrest in the Streets will cause can be TRILLIONS of WEALTH LOST. If you want to do something to MAKE Washington and Wall Street PAY for their unending GREED and indifference to the suffering in America – YOU MUST make them PAY $$$$$$$ the only way that effects them – in the pocketbook!

    1. I agree. We can’t give up hope, because without it we have no fight in us. We will not submit!!! We need massive protests. How do we make that happen though, that is the question. How did people do it in the past? I know some of the countries recently built their numbers through Facebook. It might be through this site, but it just doesn’t seem fast enough.

  5. THE BIG PICTURE= If they were to pass this small extension the cat would be out of the bag. They would have to acknowledge the fact that THERE ARE MILLIONS of 99ers that may not be able to find jobs for years if in some cases at all. Then what? They would have to own up to the traitorus policies of letting companies move OUR JOBS OVERSEAS and this one fact alone is the PROBLEM with the economy and the deficet. ALL WE EVER NEEDED WAS JOBS but for years now NO ONE IS LISTENING!!!

  6. Henry…….. boy, do I feel like a dumb ass spouting off about Trump last week ! I liked some off the things he was talking about, but I should have known better than to trust some rich, elitist s.o.b. that has a UFO for a hairdoo. Thanks for settin’ me straight. Paul and Ventura in 2012 !!

    1. Sam,
      Don’t feel dumb. There are so many people out there looking for any kind of answer in any venue that it is easy to become confused. Trump is accomplishing one good thing with his act and that is bringing the issue of Obama’s citizenship into a stronger light.
      There are rumors out there that the thing on his head is actually alive; apparently, some off-shoot species of the Sasquatch. LOL. All I know is if it comes at me, I’m going to spray it with Raid.

        1. You shouldn’t feel bad Sam. You know I think I have a slightly different view point on the whole thing than Henry does. I agree that Trump is probably not a good way to go after some of the points Henry made, but I don’t believe that every single person that has money has walked all over people to obtain it either. Not every single person with money is evil. I agree there are many that are, but just as much as it isn’t fair to stereotype us it isn’t fair to make lump all people with money together.

          I can say that if one day I do make it like I plan, I will help as many people as I can. There is no question about that. I think there are some people like that out there. It’s just that the bad people leave such a bad taste in our mouths it colors our views of all people sometimes.

          1. Kat,
            I can’t say that every filthy rich person is evil. There may very well be a good one out there. However I have never met one, nor do I know anyone else that has. Most people who obtain gross levels of wealth love money and I have to believe anyone who loves money has to be just a little evil.
            Me, I like money, but I have never had a yearning to use it to compel performance out of another human being. Believe it or not I don’t think I would like to be filthy rich as I believe it would take all of the challenge out of life and I would not want to end up looking at human beings as the ultimate property to possess.

          2. I suppose it depends on the level of money you mean. You say filthy rich, I don’t think my aspirations are to be filthy rich. But would I love to be making $100,000-500,000. If that’s a little evil then maybe I am in the wrong place. I would like to think there is room for looking at people on a case by case basis. I get the feeling there isn’t though. I am broke now, but have goals of doing much more. I personally have known people with money, maybe not filthy rich, but doing quite well and some of them were the kindest, most generous people I’ve ever known. I think it should be on a case by case basis.

          3. Kat,
            I think evil starts at about a billion of today’s fiat dollars. I too would like to make $100,000 – $500,000. That to me would be the American dream and it would be a plenty.
            The problem is when an individual finally has so much money that there is not one material possession that cannot be obtained; the only thing left is power.
            I have no desire to tell any other person how to think or live. The people who have billions and have succumbed to the evil lure of power can never be satisfied. Thus the only way they can procure pleasure is by making a poor person’s life a living hell.
            It is a perverse mental disorder and it has been scientifically proven to exist.
            If you’d like to learn more about this illness I would suggest the documentary “Zeitgeist III – Moving Forward”
            I have nothing against honest people procuring honest wealth, but when does gluttony become excess? It is not the money, it is the need to possess it for no other reason than the power it welds over others.

        2. Sam,

          Trump will spend his money to prove our point that the stuttering circus barker from Kenya is a phony. Then we can all watch Chris Mathews wet his pants. After that, it will be all about going to work on Rockefeller and Soros while their playing beach blanket bingo with the corporate steak and lobster eaters.

          1. Hey, Mark. Well, I guess if Trump could prove that smug, arrogant S.O.B. for what he really is……. a fraud !!, that would be money well spent. It’s good to hear from ya, Mark.

          2. He’s that clown on MSNBC who anchors that jibber jabber nonsense around noon time pacific. How he has managed to stay on the air is a wonder of nature.

      1. Lets get them Henry Im in Oregon also, the land of no employment. Saw some names somewhere that were from all over. want to sign up too,

  7. Maybe the 99er’s would stand a better chance of getting surplus tents, mess kits and
    k rations from Barry and his tribe. I’m sure there are warehouses full of this shit from
    WWII. They have to hurry up and get this shutdown dealt with, so they can go on
    spring break for 2 weeks. Useless assholes, all of them.

        1. But honestly I have never met a billionaire and I can see how if you have that much money it could make you do crazy things like seek power. I still think there are some that have to be good. I can’t really say though what they might or might not be like as whole. It would be an uneducated guess. I need to read as Henry suggests.

  8. Let me just say this everybody is jumping around so happy life is great the Government made sure there wouldn’t be a shutdown.
    Thats really nice the Government was there for them but the millions of people that have exhausted there unemployment benefits that can’t survive the Government isn’t there for them what a crock lets give the Government a big thank you very much for not caring about them but as usual they aren’t important to the Government that just makes me sick as a person who has friends that are just about to lose everything I want to apologize for our Government and how they have treated you EVEN THOUGH THIS MONEY WOULD GO RIGHT BACK INTO THE ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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