US War in Libya Not Going Well Hypothetically

The Libyan rebels’ top military commander is evidently angry with NATO as the air strikes being provided by the U.S. led organization are too slow to crush the Libyan military to the point that the rebels can just walk in and claim their victory.  It would seem that our military is having a tough time in keeping our CIA’s promises to the rebels.

The rebel leaders are now blaming the international community for the deaths of their innocent women and children.  Apparently these rebels thought Libya was going to be another Iraq wherein the United States would come in under the guise of UN authority and use our military might to capture the country.  After which we would promptly turn it over to them and send contractors in to rebuild that what we blew up in the action. 

A FOX News video showed an enormous explosion in the town of Brega in northern Libya, though they reported that they did not know who dropped it.  If we are to believe the propaganda in that a no-fly-zone has been firmly established over the area, logic would dictate that it probably was not delivered by the Libyan air force.  I don’t know but the enormity of the blast indicated something on the level of the Daisy Cutters the United States was dropping on Bagdad during operation Shock and Awe. 

I have to wonder how many innocents would have been killed if the international community had minded their own business and allowed the Libyan government to put down the uprising and reestablish order.  I also have to wonder if the civilian casualties are now going to be greater due to this civil war we have helped to perpetuate. 

All one can do is speculate at this point, but then we are now becoming very good at speculating as our hypothetical president, Barak Hussein Obama, has and is building his whole legacy on speculation.  When criticized about the bailouts he says things might have been much worse and a lot more jobs lost had we not given billions to those already filthy rich.  Speculation. 

When he broke yet another campaign promise and gave billion dollar tax breaks to the top 1%, he justified the action in saying that more jobs would have been lost had he not done so.  Again, speculation.

And now on Libya he is saying that a lot more innocent people would have been killed had we not attacked that foreign sovereign without any provocation.  It seems we now have a government that acts on hypotheticals and speculation in place of cold hard facts justifying giving billions of dollars to the very people who ruined our economy and giving billions of dollars to the top 1% who are thriving through this depression.  And we are now involved in yet another Middle Eastern war that we cannot afford.

God put an end to the speculation.

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