99ers and Tier 5 Supporters – Tier 5 Unemployed, Bow before Your King

Last week the Queen of England got a Facebook Account.  Every network propagandist reported it and every commentator commented on it.  Oh what a wonderful thing.  Now all of her subjects around the world can log on and read the dribble she writes.  Every American should feel proud to live under the rule of our Queen mother.

But wait a minute…didn’t we whip the British and throw their sorry arses out of our country along with their Tory supporters?  Yeah, didn’t we call that…what was it?…oh yeah, the American Revolution. 
Well it would seem they have wormed their way back into our country and have filtered into every facet of our society.  Have you noticed how, more and more, news anchors are speaking with an English accent?  Guess they are getting us ready to be subjects again.

Yesterday, every news channel, all day long reported on Prince William’s engagement.  They cannot seem to find the time to go out and report on the deplorable situation of the real 99ers, but they have time to take ten thousand pictures of Prince William’s fiancée’s engagement ring.

Here is something that has always got me.  When a hillbilly marries his cousin and has a child they call it inbreeding.  When a member of the monarchy marries his cousin and has a child, they call it royalty.  I’m sure that when the day of the wedding finally arrives the news crews will be dispatched across the country to film brain dead Americans crying and expounding, “Oh what a wonderful thing.”

Could this country get any more screwed up?  What am I doing asking a question like that?  Of course it can, and it will.  We should, every one of us, just walk out the door and start pummeling the morons and kick them down the street like a dog that has defecated on the carpet one too many times.

It cannot be denied that enough people have lost touch with the reality of what our country was supposed to be to ruin it for the rest of us.  I don’t know if I can stand one more day of listening to people grovel over the British prince or his commoner wife to be.

Do you know that after our Revolution it was actually suggested that we accept a Prussian prince as our ruler.  It makes me wonder if the same proposal was put forth today, just how many would rush forward to be the first to bow before their new king.

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  1. Mark S. Do you believe the GOP is prepared to look out for the best interests of the people as self serving runs rampant? As far as showing ones birth certificate in Texas, you should read up on the Constitution of the United States my friend. You appear overflowing with hate and discontent. Possibly you need to research with your own capabilities of the hate Texan leaders are inciting upon their own citizens as they drink their own koolaide. You do not own this country as you share it with much diversity. Get over yourself as your desire to become a Military State of showing ones “papers” is full of ignorance and very laughable. Perhaps you should follow your own family tree and find your roots! You might be surprised to find out your own “papers” need to be validated.

    1. Sueinmn- Rep Leo Berman is introducing a bill that should have been reinforced long ago. Simply put, “Show birth certificate, or don’t get on ballot”. Sweeter words have never been spoken. If you want to argue with what is already written in stone, Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, which states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” Then that’s up to you.

      Thank God for Berman and all he stands for. He not only knows how to read, but also believes in the “Constitution Of The United Stated States Of America”. If you want to try and color this in any other way than how our original founders originally wrote our Constitution then do it from a a place such as Russia or one of the world’s bananna republics. Do not spout your garbage to me here.

      This man Obama or Barry Sorento or what ever the hell his name is, had better cough up some proof of who he really is. Until then, he is nobody! Just some phony who got lucky by pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes. Something that never would have happened back in 1776.

      If you want to add a 28th amendment to our Constitution, maybe you and Barry Sorento should start sharpening your pencils.

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