Congress is Back in Session, Dark Days Lie Ahead

First Published 11-15-10

Twenty million unemployed, two wars, and a destroyed economy, and what are the priorities of the lame duck congress? …an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts, the Dream Act which would give amnesty to the illegals, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell which will allow gays to serve openly in the military.  I also believe they will be voting for an across the board raise for all federal employees.

The new congress is in Washington DC being tutored on how to lie and steal at the level of professionals.  In short our recent election has changed nothing.  Our country is being destroyed right before our very eyes and it would seem we are helpless to stop it.  I would suggest a write in campaign for those who were not voted out, but I truly believe at this point it really doesn’t matter.

The best advice I can give to anyone is to get as far away from the big cities as you possibly can, obtain shelter without care as to how it looks or what the neighbors will think, and no matter how difficult the task, get enough food to last for six months.  You are also going to need a minimum of one rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition per member of your household as you are going to need them to protect your food and shelter.

The average city has about three days worth of food on the shelves.  The people in the know are predicting food shortages.  After one week people in the cities will be killing each other for food.  After two weeks they will be pouring out of the cities to pillage the countryside.  After three weeks we will see cannibalism.  If you think this cannot happen take a look at past famines.  After the Great Famine during the early 14th century in Northern Europe when food had returned in abundance, human meat was still being sold in the markets as the people had grown fond of it.

Do you think this cannot happen here?  Tell me, looking back twenty years ago, would you have thought that what you are seeing today could have ever come to be?  And how did it get this far?  Well, we let it.  Not all of us, but most of us, just stood by and watched.  Like the Jews in Nazi Germany we just keep telling ourselves, “They would never do that.”  So when the government tells you that the train you are boarding is going to a FEMA Camp where you will be housed and fed and there will be work, do not resist.  Just keep trusting them all the way to your grave.

Those of you God fearing folk our there need to realize that Homeland Security has already employed your ministers in what they call a Clergy Response Team.  The last I heard it was 2,500 individuals and growing.  Their job is to use your faith and a pro-government interpretation of the Bible to convince you to do as you are told by government officials.

I tell you these things because I believe there are too many out there who have completely lost their sense of being and it may be too late to retrieve it in time to avoid the slaughter.  It is time we quit trying to convince people who will not listen to the words that might save their lives.  We should not stop trying to warn our fellow citizens but if they scoff or laugh, pass them by, as we would be better off with their genes out of the pool anyway.  Feel no remorse for them, because if you think about it, it was their blind stupidity which has brought us to the dark days that lie ahead.

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