99ers and Tier 5 Unemployment Extension – Tier 5 Unemployed in the Way

From the founding of Jamestown in 1607 to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, our forefathers were governed by a monarchy.  Some of the first Europeans to come to this country did so at the bidding of a group of London merchants known as the London Company.  They did so to seek treasure, bring Christianity to the Indians, and raise farm products that England could not grow at home, thus the founding of Jamestown, Virginia.

The native peoples who had occupied this portion of the continent for thousands of years did not see the threat that the European industrialists represented to their way of life.  In fact they embraced the Europeans and the technologies they brought with them.

Once the potential for enrichment in the New World became common knowledge back in Europe and safe haven had been established on the shores of America, many came here seeking their fortunes.  As they looked out over the land they saw timbered mountains and fertile valleys, ripe for the taking.  What they ignored were the native peoples who lived there.

Many people do not know it but the Indians of the East cultivated large portions of land.  They had huge fields of corn, squash, and tobacco.  This has to be considered to be the fruits of their labor, produced upon their land.

The Europeans coveted the rich properties of the Natives and began scheming as to how they could steal them.  They settled on their time-honored tradition of divide, conquer, and swindle.  They called for councils with those whom the Indians trusted to represent their interests.  It must be noted that in the culture of these Eastern tribes, no one man could make a decision for another, each was a free individual.  However at the councils, the Europeans corrupted the Indian representatives and convinced them to sign treaties through bribery.  Thus they obtained the property of the many through the enrichment of a few.

Many Indians, upon returning from harvesting the wilds to harvest their fields, found homesteaders who claimed the Indian land as their own.  The settlers had purchased this land from those who had obtained dubious title through treachery.  It didn’t take the breaking of too many of these treaties for the ignorant savage to deduce that when the white man described their land and their rights on paper, they were doing so in order to make clear what would be taken in the next treaty, and wars erupted.

Had the native peoples realized the full extent of the intensions of the invaders, in that they intended to take the whole continent, they might have put their differences aside and come together as one people and stopped the invasion.  The result of their failure in underestimating their foe is now history.  They were conquered.

The world elite are at present re-conquering America for the one world industrialists, using the same tactics used against the Indians.  We who conquered this land have now become the Indians we conquered and our enemies are trying to turn us against one another as they did the Indian tribes of the past.  If we allow this to happen our fate is sealed.  We will be conquered.  At least the Indians had an excuse in that they did not know European history and the way greed corrupts people.  We do.

Right now our so called representatives sign documents every day transferring our property to others around the world.  Our homes, our natural resources, and the fruits of our labor are being possessed by others.  If we allow this to continue we will wind up living in squalor on reservations, or being exterminated through starvation and disease, as sure as whole tribes were wiped out in being deliberately infected with diseases like small pox via trade goods contaminated with the virus.

The people who want what we have are diabolical.  They do not see us as human beings, no more than the Europeans saw the Indians as human beings.  We have to realize that in the eyes of the international elite we have served our purpose and are now consuming what they consider to be their resources.  The bottom line is that we are now the Indians and as unemployed we can no longer serve to enrich the elite.  We are in the way.

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      1. Mark S. NV,
        I observed the graph charts in reference to World News Heard Now from the time I started writing articles. In most categories the site grew over 100%. However the owner tells me that revenues have fallen. I have had a good relationship with her and it might just be that the site or the topic of the 99ers has been targeted. At any rate I bear her no ill will though I do hope my readers will spread the word and come to this site as the very same articles I would have released on the other site will be released here every day.
        Maybe if this site succeeds I can find out what the problems are and deal with them. I hope you will continue working on your section of this site as I believe a lot of people are coming here to read your words.

    1. Damn Henry — I have been looking for you. I am a little on the stupid side and just realized that you were probably writing on this website. Great article. Time for me to get busy. Have a great day.

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