99ers HR 589 Supporters – The Budget Battle is Over, So Who Won?

Well the playoffs are over in Washington DC leaving all the fans on both sides wondering just who won the game.  The neo-cons, who were convinced that they had established a power base in the US Congress, woke up yesterday morning to find they had their throats cut.  And the socialists, who thought they had gotten their own version of Marx into the White House, well I think they are just too stupid to realize what has happened to them.

So who won and who lost in the big budget debate?  Well there was $38.5 billion in spending cuts, but of course $10 billion of that had already been accomplished through the last two riders, leaving a grand total of $28.5 billion in spending cuts.  Hell we have already spent more than that on our brand new war in Libya and bribes to the rest of the countries in the Middle East. 

These minute cuts do not equate to anything and to both sides consisting of the idiots still trapped in the false left-right paradigm the contracts that have been affected, (in reality it is contracts we are talking about, as every service our so called government provides is contracted out to the corporate elite) have been cut so minutely that the only ones who are going to feel it are the socialists getting their social services at the bottom rung of the ladder, which is to say the contractors are already stealing 95 cents of every dollar and they are going to pay for the cuts out of the 5 cents they were actually distributing.

So who lost and who won?  Barak Obama won as he has proved once again that he can sell ice to Eskimos.  John Boehner and company won because he has shown that he will protect his corporate elite masters from any spending cuts to corporate farm subsidies, foreign aid subsidies, government spy agencies, and the industrial war complex. 

And who lost?  Well who always looses?  We the people.  The corporate lapdogs occupying our highest seats of power have reestablished the fact that it is going to be business as usual and that we the people are powerless to change a damn thing through our illusion of the power of the vote.  If we want to keep rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic every two and four years, no big deal, they have lots of deck chairs, all produced by the same Chinese manufacturer.

So what do you think neo-cons? Had enough of the false left-right paradigm yet?  Did you really think you could end the fraud by entwining yourself within?  There is something you people better realize, if you are making under $100 million a year you are looked down upon by the top 1% with all the contempt and distaste that you look down upon the 99ers and the rest of the long term unemployed.

And as for you socialists, did you really think your messiah from the south side of Chicago was going to deliver your Fabian socialist utopia to you? 

So how about it are you ready to take the red pill, free your mind from the false left-right paradigm, and join the patriotic Americans uniting for a real revolution to take back our Republic and reinstitute our Constitution?  If we as Americans stop allowing ourselves to be divided by those who have made it blatantly clear that they do not represent us we can save our country before it is too late.

Anyway, all of you out there realizing that once again those you have trusted have been smiling in your face while driving the dagger in your back, well don’t get mad get even.   And do not replace one bunch of liars with another bunch of liars.  Get behind Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura.  We must destroy the Federal Reserve at any cost.  It is our only hope.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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