99ers and HR 589 Supporters Can Give No More

Senator Rand Paul has come forth proposing sweeping cuts to spending that he says will get us out of debt.  Of course the budget he is backing contains increases in military spending and more tax cuts for the corporate elite.  I have been a staunch supporter of Senator Paul since he stepped forth purporting his support for the restitution of our Constitution. 

I have something to tell Rand Paul in today’s article and that is I could very easily support and justify  what you are doing if you and the other junior senators will go after and retrieve the $26 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia from the people of the United States.  But then if you did that it would become hard to justify taking medical care and revenues from the old and the poor. 

The fact is if you tried to replace the stolen money by retrieving it and arresting and prosecuting the thieves that took it they would kill your ass.  So in order to appease the neo-cons who make up 80% of the top 10% you are going to balance the budget on the backs of the poor.  This is yet a further transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top.  Not to mention the fact that the international bankers are getting away with their embezzlement.

Every time I hear one of these junior senators speak I hear them saying, “We need further tax cuts for the corporate elite” and it seems they would be more than happy to achieve this goal literally by taking the food out of poor children’s mouths. 

Rand Paul you are a yellow coward.  You and everyone you are associated with know that the federal income tax is illegal as the Supreme Court has ruled that no part of the 16th Amendment allows a tax on income.  What the 16th Amendment does allow is tax on profits.  The reason it allows tax on profits is because the corporations making profits by capitalizing on the natural resources of the people of the United States are required to pay the people something for those natural resources.

But you are not going to talk about that are you, Rand?  You are not going to piss the wrong people off here are you?  In fact you are supporting increases in military spending, you corporate ass kissing back stabber.  I have got news for you Rand, the bulk of the poor have not surrendered their rights to this recession and you are not going to put us out to starve to death in the cold to stabilize life for the handful you represent. 

If you want to go after that $26 trillion we will back you to a man, but I will be goddamned if I will back you in punishing the poor for the crimes of the rich.  I have never felt an urge to say anything bad about you in the past but the fact is you were raised and educated on dollars that came from the taxpayer’s pockets as your father has been receiving a government paycheck since 1976.

I certainly mean no disrespect to Dr. Ron Paul who I know provided free medical service to the poor in his younger days, but to hear this smart mouth little arrogant snob son of his preaching his holy-than-thou dogma around the silver spoon hanging out of his mouth, is becoming more than I can bear. 

I will be clear.  I would remove every government agency without the authority to exist in our Constitution but only after our stolen wealth is returned and the playing field leveled so that those who want to work can prosper right along with the Rand Pauls in this country.  It is like finding out you have been cheated in a card game and though you have been cheated you will not be getting your money back.  However the game will continue but you will not be allowed to participate, because well you have no money.  

As I said earlier, I will not judge Ron Paul by the actions of his son.  He says he will end the Federal Reserve and I believe him.   This has to be one of the biggest blows we as a people can land on the jaw of the international corporate mafia. 

As for paying off the debt, this is how I propose we do it.  We mint a four foot round zinc coin, put a $16 trillion stamp on the front of it, put the seal of every state on the back of it which will make it look real official, and then present it to the Federal Reserve and tell them our debt is paid in full.  In short we pay back the worthless air money they lent us with a worthless coin.  That will take care of 16 trillion stolen dollars, leaving only $10 trillion to be retrieved from the stock market where it is being held at present (the stimulus and bailout monies). 

You notice we do not hear any of these junior senators talking about ending NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and the tax incentives that have sent our jobs out of this country.  Like I said, they want to keep breathing which is difficult to do if you cross the mafia.  Just ask the Kennedys. 

We are taking our country and our wealth back, Rand, and if the 80% of the top 10% you represent try to stand in our way, you will reap the whirlwind with the rest of the goddamnable traitors in this country.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. ww3 is underway please wake up guys lets take to the streets like all the other nations ,americans are living in a fairy tale the war against us is real no one will stand up for the unemployed !!!!! ITS damn real

  2. A four foot round zinc coin with a picture of a 1984 Fiat spider for the mint mark on the back. LOL

  3. help the 99ers now ~ mr obama????? are you freakin serious no help or a word about this issue on tv, these people voted for you barry, they are dieing some have went 2 yrs without any funds ??? get the checks rolling and get the 99ers back to work now

  4. I ask for you vote this election year for President. Please write in Mario Davis on your ballot.

    1. I will propose a plan that provides first to our Americans and those who are out of work (99ers) I WILL EXTEND THE BENEFITS. I will not extend millions on top of millions to other nations with our own PEOPLE struggling to put food on the table, keeping their houses, etc…
    2. I will propose a plan that spurs job creation by putting an end to outsourcing. It is the responsibility of these corporations to keep these jobs in America instead of just seeking selfish gain in profits if they are based within the American Nation.
    3. I wil propose a plan that puts a cap on profitability from organizations and with these funds we will fund UNEMPLOYMENT, as well as contributing to national debt.
    4. I WILL NOT FUND MORE MILITARY SPENDING and will keep the budget that is in order for the remaining 4-8 years of my Presidency. Our military DOES NOT NEED TO GROW. I will not fund wars across the world unless they are in the best interest of our country and YOU THE PEOPLE will have a say in major decisions like this as when your say isn’t acknowledged you suffer. After reading the latest Rolling Stone magazine I am sick to my stomach knowing that the innocent civilians in their own land are dying at the hand of our AMERICAN SOLDIERS. Our money is being wasted and has been going to waste for the past 8 years. WE should be ashamed of ourselves, are we any more of the problem then the leader in Libya? What happened to our diginity. I will bring those SOLDIERS HOME and then begin to bring them to justice AS THIS IS NOT THE AMERICA that will be moving forward.

    These are just a couple of major issues that I will dive into as your President. I ask for your vote. Please write in Mario Davis on your ballot this presidential election 2012.

  5. How can this be happening? Why is the average worker being punished for a theft by the elite! The America I grew up in during the 60’s and 70’s is gone and never will be again! All we 99ers want is to go back to work! I will never understand how this country can disregard it’s own people while spending trillions in other countries that will never pay us back! Have the 99ers forgotten about the 60’s? Martin Luther King championed the rights of Black Americans! Who is going champion the rights of the 99ers, the American people?

  6. If Lee and Scott can not re-schedule another meeting this week with Boehner & Cantor to discuss the 99ers issue, then they will have to wait until sometime in May. Congress will recess for Easter vacation starting April 18 – May 1(Congressional Schedule).

  7. congress is going on a 2 week vacation after this week. yipeeeeee they have worked so hard for the 99ers, they need a well deserve break.

  8. I try not to read these anymore, because my anger level is about the same as the writer of this article. I try to comment calmly so I won’t be perceived as some nut job, but I am so upset now I can hardly stand it. I have a lot of options to pursue to make a living on my own without some corporate idiot telling me when I can have a job or not, but everytime I get to the last step on my plan, surprise – I need money, not much, just something. I say that because that is where my focus is – working and/or surviving. If that were not the case I would be giddy over the next phase of this unemployment debacle and that is ELECTION YEAR. The number presented for unemployment as know is a blatant lie, but when it is time for voting, the true number of unemployed will be shoved in their ridiculous little faces. They won’t be able to deny the numbers then will they? I am literally sickened by the stupidity of our leaders. I have always been in awe of our congress and their ability to solve problems and all the numbers they put forth, well it has probably been happening for many, many years (I’ve just been blithefully naive), but the simple fact is they are stupid, greedy and nothing they do is without a political agenda – there is no real care or concern for our country or its people. Ironically their political agenda to get voted back in by playing to the rich and purporting to be doing what is needed for our country is going to put them in a stupor because all of us invisible, ignored unemployed will be taking them out at the polls. I just can’t wait to see or at least know that their mouths are gaping open. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I am so sorry I haven’t paid attention to our politicians and let republicans take over, but that is done and I’m sure others agree. We turned a blind eye and I for one, learn from my mistakes. I will be watching them like they were bugs under a microscope. Okay, I’m going to chill, I’m too worked up. Oh for you critics, it is 8:05 p.m. I am allowed to chill, but then you critics probably think I should still be looking for a job. Uggggh!!!!

  9. Boy, that was an awe inspiring article. I think that It is high time ‘ WE THE PEOPLE’ take back OUR country and I also think the the time is rite. I’m really sick of being sick and tired of getting the shaft from this traitor’s government. I’ve sent letters to every a-hole in gov. I can think of to no avail. Time to F’em up alittle I think.

  10. Empassionately written article. That made me prouder to be an American then this psuedo Nazi wannabes we have representing us.

  11. RAND PAUL people like him is what got us in this mess ,someone should check his birth papers.They just don’t get it or do they,YOU CAN MAKE ALL THE CUTS YOY WANT AND IT SILL WON’T GET US OUT OFF THIS MESS.We need good paying jobs,that will bring more tax money to the goverment and states.Its like a company that sales keep going down so they keep cutting to stay in the black.In time the company will be gone.The U.S keep loseing jobs or the jobs that we do have pays little,if this keeps up what do you thing will happen?People like RAND PAUL is not for america and its people, if he was he would state this fact , and not beat around the bush ,and cut programs that america needs.How about a higher import tax to make a fair playing feild for the us U.S.NO ONE BRINGS THAT UP.What are they thing .20 years ago we did not have a so call 99er,it took maney years to make them.DEMS AND GOP LET IT HAPPEN.These acts they pass help other countries not america.Lets face it gas at pump,to heat your house,food,houseing,taxes on your house and health ins all going up.How long can this last.RAND PAUL AND PEOPLE LIKE HIM IN 2012 NEED TO BE VOTED OUT. WE NEED PEOPLE WHO WILL FILL AMERICANS POCKETS NOT THEIR OWN.

  12. Very interesting. But I am still sitting here unemployed and begging these rich people to help us. Do you hear laughter? I’ll bet they sit around in Congress and laugh at us. I couldn’t believe Tier V was not added in December and I cannot believe that we are still at the same place in April, except we have added another war. I will make a prediction right now — there will be no help for the unemployed, 99ers, or underemployed until someone cast that first stone. That is our reality. They do not feel our pressure because they do not give a shit. When it starts, you better believe I will find a way to get there. There will be no more Mr. Nice Guy. We have been in that position long enough. It will be biblical.

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